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*Company Basic Price: $100 /per HS code, include lasted 12 month data;
Address Note:The latest month of customs statistics is not the current month, it is the previous 1 months of the current month. China Customs generally releases statistics data for the previous month after the 25th of each month;
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*Phone If there is no customized requirement description, the default China Customs statistical report is the total import and export value of the most recent 12 months (listed by month) for all countries;
*E-mail If you need customized China Customs statistical reports, please tell us your requirements, and we will quote you according to your customized requirements. You can find commonly Customized Options on the sample of China Customs statistical reports.
* HS code & commodity description HS code has 4 options: 2 digits, 4 digits, 6 digits, and 8 digits , but only 8 digits HS code can provides quantity and unit price data, other digits only have USD amount data.
According to the rules of World Customs Organization HARMONIZED SYSTEM, the first 6 HS codes of all countries are consistent, and the latter digits are regulated by the customs of each country. Therefore, China¨s 8-digit HS CODE is inconsistent with other countries. Please click the below link to confirm the China 8-digit HS CODE that matches your country's HTS code. .
* Months Period to The default China Customs  statistical report is the lasted 12 months data. If more historical data is needed, the additional fee is $10 per month; If you need China Customs statistics data for the future months, we will send it to your email ASAP after the latest customs data is released, the service fee is $20 per month, The data format is MS Excel sheet
* Trade Direction Import Export Total import & export There are 3 options: Import data, Export data, Total import & export data; If you need import data and export data separately, you need to pay more 50%.
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The default price is for all countries, or one designated country; If data from multiple countries are required, additional 50% fee will be added for each additional country;
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