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According to the regulation of the " Administrative Measures on Import and Export Food Safety" (GACC Degree 249), all overseas exporters, manufacturers and Chinese importers of imported food need to register with the GACC.

Only the GACC registered overseas exporters, manufacturers and Chinese importers of imported food, can legally go through the China Customs clearance process.

There may be some delay in the data update on this site. If you have already applied for GACC registration and you cannot find out the information here, you can contact our staff to process the data update.
Overseas Exporters Overseas Manufacturers Chinese Importers
GACC Record No. Company Name Country Address Type
03616001251 A & C INTERNATIONAL TRADING PTY LTD 澳大利亚(Australia)     Exporter  
03615001482 A & C(AUS) International Pty Ltd 澳大利亚(Australia)     Exporter  
38013000331 A & D SPA 意大利(Italy)     Exporter  
84014001125 A & H FOODS,INC. 美国(United States)     Exporter  
41017001171 A & H HOLDINGS 韩国(Korea, Republic of)     Exporter  
84017000026 A & H SEAFOODS,INC. 美国(United States)     Exporter  
03617001673 A & M Group Sydney Pty Ltd 澳大利亚(Australia)     Exporter  
25013001773 A & MC MOREAU TRADING 法国(France)     Exporter  
03617001428 A & O AUSTRALIA PTY LTD 澳大利亚(Australia)     Exporter  
03618000225 A & O Australia Pty Ltd. 澳大利亚(Australia)     Exporter  
57813000323 A & O Seafood Export AS 挪威(Norway)     Exporter  
76416000201 A & P SPEED LIMITED PARTNERSHIP 泰国(Thailand)     Exporter  
82618000265 A & R HOUSE (BCL) LTD 英国(United Kingdom)     Exporter  
03613000624 A & T TRADING CO. PTY. LIMITED 澳大利亚(Australia)     Exporter  
12417000225 A & v 2000 INC. 加拿大(Canada)     Exporter  
34412000314 A & W FOOD SERVICE LTD. 中国香港(Hong Kong(CHINA))     Exporter  
27614002582 A & Y Handels GmbH 德国(Germany)     Exporter  
34417001031 A & Z INDUSTRIAL CO., LIMITED 中国香港(Hong Kong(CHINA))     Exporter  
57815000003 A &O SEAFOOD EXPORT AS 挪威(Norway)     Exporter  
03612001377 A . HARTRODT 澳大利亚(Australia)     Exporter  
39815000358 A .M .K LTD 哈萨克斯坦(Kazakhstan)     Exporter  
03618000956 a agicola san francsco 澳大利亚(Australia)     Exporter  
41013000999 A AND F CO.,LTD 韩国(Korea, Republic of)     Exporter  
84012001485 A AND H FOODS,INC 美国(United States)     Exporter  
25017001392 A Biere 法国(France)     Exporter  
25017001405 a biere. 法国(France)     Exporter  
84013000631 A Blooming Hill Vineyard 美国(United States)     Exporter  
70417000002 A chau foods joint stock company 越南(Viet Nam)     Exporter  
70419000426 A CHAU HOA THANH COMPANY LIMITED 越南(Viet Nam)     Exporter  
70419000287 A CHINH ONE MEMBER COMPANY LIMITED 越南(Viet Nam)     Exporter  

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Risky Food Export China Process
In China, the imported food is divided into 4 risk levels from low to high : A, B, C, D ; Different levels of supervision are adopted for foods with different risk levels;

The medium to high risky imported food categories include:Meat products, aquatic products, dairy products, sausage casings, bird nest products, bee products, egg products, edible oils and fats, oilseeds, stuffed wheaten products, edible grains, milled grain industry products and malt, fresh and dehydrated vegetables and dried beans, condiments, nuts and seeds, dried fruits, unroasted coffee beans and cocoa beans, foods for special dietary purposes, and health foods, Animal feed etc.









In addition to the above-mentioned general food import procedures, the risky imported food also need to go through other government procedures of Manufacturer Registration / Certifcation, Pre-market approval of the product etc.
The common China's government departments include :
Learn More China Pre-market Approval >>>
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