HS code: 7403210000

Copper-zinc base alloys(brass), unwrought


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  •  China HS code 7403210000 Classification:
  • HS Directory Tree Description
    Chapter  74               Chapter 74; Copper and articles thereof
    Heading 7403   Refined copper and copper alloys, unwrought;
    Article  Copper-zinc base alloys(brass), unwrought; 未锻轧的铜锌合金(黄铜);
  •  China HS code 7403210000 13-digits CIQ code:
  • 13-digits CIQ code Commodity Name


  •  China 8-digits HS code 74032100 Customs Classification Examples
  • 8-digits HS code Commodity Example of Chinese Name Specification




    铜锭 未锻轧的,黄铜


    黄铜块 未锻轧的


    黄铜锭 未锻轧的


    黄铜锭 未锻轧


    黄铜锭 铜锌合金


    黄铜 未锻轧的
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