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    4403229010 Endangered pine rough wood (other than that treated with paint, stains, creosote or other preservatives),of which cross-sectional dimension﹤15cm

    0210119090 Other meat of hams and shoulders, with bone in,salted, in brine, dried or smoked

    3004430010 Preparations cathine and its salts, put up in measured doses, packings for retail sale

    8419899010 Fermenters fitted with heat devices (non-divergent aerosol, volume>20)

    4412109210 Laminated wood of endangered bamboo, containing at least one layer of particle board

    8431420000 Bulldozer or angledozer blades

    2005999910 Cactus, prepared otherwise than by vinegar

    7013410000 Glassware of lead crystal, used for table or kitchen purposes,(exclud cup, other than of glass-ceramics)

    2906299090 Other aromatic alcohols

    8703505110 Saloon cars of cylinder capacity cylinder exceeding 2.5L but not exceeding 3L,with compression-ignition internal combustion reciprocating piston engine(with diesel or semidiesel engine),with drive motor (Except for charging by external power supply )

    0106149090 Other rabbits and hares (including domesticated and artificially propagated)

    4814200000 Wallpaper and similar wall coverings, consisting of paper coated or covered, on the face side, With a grained, embossed, coloured, design-printed or otherwise decorated layer of plastics

    2309909000 Other preparations of a kind used in animal feeding

    3204160000 Reactive dyes and preparations based thereon

    7216109000 Other section ,of a height of less than 80mm(not further worked than hot-rolled ,hot-drawn or extruded)

    8901902200 Motor container vessels Capable loading standard containers more than 6000

    2926909032 Cyanophos Phoxim-methyl etc.(including dichlobenil, Ioxynil, Ioxynil octanoate, Bromoxynil, Bromoxynil octanoate)

    5205460000 Multiple(folded)or cabled yarn,of combed fibres,not put up for retail sale,measuring per single yarn less than 125 decitex but not less than 106.38 decitex (exceeding 80 metric number but not exceeding 94 metric numberper single yarn),containing 85% or mo

    0305790010 Other edible fish offal of of endangered fish, dried, smoked, salted or in brine(other than livers and roes )

    0711909000 Other vegetables, mixtures of vegetables, provisionally preserved(by sulphur dioxide gas or in other preservative solutions,but unsuitable in that state for immediate consumption)

    2843900091 Precious metal amalgams, whether or not chemically defined

    8471494000 Microprocessings(automatic data processing machines) presented in the form of systems

    2939420090 Salts of pseudoephedrine (D-2-methyl amino-1- phenylethyl carbinol)

    7317000000 Nails, tacks, drawing pins, corrugated nails, staples(other than those of heading No.83.05)and similar articles, of iron or steel, whether or not with heads of other material, but excluding such articles with heads of copper

    1209230000 Fescue seed

    5407102010 Woven fabrics of high tenacity yarn of polyesters, weighing not exceeding 170g/㎡

    3215110010 Black,solid printing ink for engineering form, for loading the equipment listed below tariff number 8443.31,8443.32 or 8443.39

    8482500090 Other cylindrical roller bearings

    3810900000 Fluxes and other auxiliary preparations for soldering, brazing or welding; preparations of a kind used as cores or coatings for welding electrodes or rods

    7904000000 Zinc bars, rods, profiles and wire


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    Export China Restrictions:
    Pre-market Approval Items
    Before exporting to China, many kinds of goods need to apply for Pre-market Approval from the Chinese Government Agency.

    These Pre-market Approval process usually need a few weeks, months, or even years, So you need to arrange in advance before shipping.

    Otherwise, without such Approval, even if the goods have arrived at the China Customs, they will not be cleared normally, and the goods will be detained in the port till get such approval, or even be returned, causing you huge losses.

    Food Products


    Medical Device

    Dairy Products

    Meat Products

    Aquatic Products

    Pet Feeds

    GMO Agriculturals

    Dietary Supplements


    Infant Formula
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    China HS Code

    Since Aug 1, 2018, China Customs has used new 13-digits HS code for Customs Declaration;

    If use incorrect HS codes for China Customs declaration, will resulting in the Customs Clearance failed, Cause additional Clearance time, more storage costs, substantial fines , administrative penalties, even face Civil or Criminal charges;

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