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    8423100000 Personal weighing machines, including baby scales; household scales

    2916310000 Other benzoic acid and salt and ester

    2715000000 Bituminous mixtures based on natural asphalt, on natural bitumen, on petroleum bitumen, on mineral tar or on mineral tar pitch(for example, bituminous mastics, cut-backs):

    6806200000 Exfoliated vermiculite, expanded clays,foamed slag and similar expanded mineral materials(including intermixtures thereof)

    8703225090 Complete parts of station wagons (9 seats or less ) of a cylinder capacity exceeding 1L but not exceeding 1.5L, with spark-ignition internal combustion reciprocating piston engine

    4501902000 Crushed, granulated or ground cork(cork wood is broken , the cork wood granuleor or cork wood tuens to powder )

    0302490000 Other fresh or chilled fish of the subheading 0302.4 ,including anchovies $(Engraulis spp.)$$, Indian mackerel (feather gill danio genus), mackerel, horse mackerel (mackerel) (trevally), pomfret, saury, round trevally (butterfish) trevally (circle), sprin

    0908120000 Nutmeg, crushed or ground

    7113209090 Other jewellery and parts thereof, of base metal clading with precious metal

    3001200090 Other extracts of glands or other organs or of their secretions

    8708508910 Non-driving axles for vehicles, not specified

    8457200000 Unit construction machines(single station), for working metal

    2812130000 Phosphorus trichloride

    9010901000 Parts and accessories of apparatus and equipment for photographic laboratories Of a kind used in cinematographic film

    5211120090 3- or 4-thread twill or cross twill cloth of cotton, mixed with other man-made fibres, unbleached, weighing more than 200g/㎡, containing less than 85% by weight of cotton

    3706101010 Cinematographic film, exposed and developed,recorded in radio, film and television programs

    7418102000 Cooking apparatus of a kind used for domestic purposes, non-electric, and parts thereof, of copper

    0402990000 Other milk and cream, concentrated and containing added sugar or other sweetening matter

    9030409000 Other instruments and apparatus, designed for telecommunications (other than digital frequency meters, of test frequency less than 12.4 GHz)

    5513399000 Other cloth of synthetic staple fibres, mixed with cotton , of yarns of different colours, containing less than 85% by weight of synthetic staple fibres, of a weight not exceeding 170g/㎡

    8504401920 High power DC power supply (be able to generate the 100V, 500A electric current for 8 hours consecutively with its stability higher than 0.1%)

    0510002020 Ambergris

    6005220000 Warp knit fabrics of cotton(including those made on galloon knitting machines),dyed

    2933399080 Remifentanil and its salts

    9605000000 Travel sets for personal toilet, sewing or shoe or clothes cleaning

    6203429015 Other boys’ bib and brace overalls of cotton, with thermal lining

    4107199010 Other leather further prepared after tanning or crusting, including parchment-dressed leather of endangered wild bovine or equine animals, whole hides and skins

    2837200011 Potassium nickel cyanide, Sodium copper-zinc cyanide salt, Nickel potassium cyanide, dipotassium nickel tetracyanide

    6214900010 Shawls, scarves, mufflers, mantillas,veils and the like, of cotton

    4407299011 Ramin wood sawn or chipped lengthwise, sliced or peeled, not end-jointed, of a thickness exceeding 6mm


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    Export China Restrictions:
    Pre-market Approval Items
    Before exporting to China, many kinds of goods need to apply for Pre-market Approval from the Chinese Government Agency.

    These Pre-market Approval process usually need a few weeks, months, or even years, So you need to arrange in advance before shipping.

    Otherwise, without such Approval, even if the goods have arrived at the China Customs, they will not be cleared normally, and the goods will be detained in the port till get such approval, or even be returned, causing you huge losses.

    Food Products


    Medical Device

    Dairy Products

    Meat Products

    Aquatic Products

    Pet Feeds

    GMO Agriculturals

    Dietary Supplements


    Infant Formula
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    China HS Code

    Since Aug 1, 2018, China Customs has used new 13-digits HS code for Customs Declaration;

    If use incorrect HS codes for China Customs declaration, will resulting in the Customs Clearance failed, Cause additional Clearance time, more storage costs, substantial fines , administrative penalties, even face Civil or Criminal charges;

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