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    5208520093 Plain cheese cloth of cotton, printing, weighing more than 100 g/㎡, not more than 200g/㎡, containing 85% or more by weight of cotton

    8475291900 Other machines for hot working glass or glassware

    7402000090 Unrefined copper; copper anodes for electrolytic refining, not containing gold value part

    2931399015 Alkyl(Me, Et, n-Pr, i-Pr) phosphoryl difluoride, for example, DF: Methylphosphonic dichloride

    5506200000 synthetic staple fibres of polyesters, carded and combed(including those with additional processing before spinning)

    8501109190 Other kinds of micro motors with frames sized between 20mm and 39mm (power output: no more than 37.5W)

    3823130000 Tall oil fatty acids

    3003390000 Other medicaments containing hormones or other prouducts of heading 29.37(consisting of two or more constituents which have been mixed together, but not containing antibiotics, not put up in measured doses or in forms or packings for retail sale)

    5903101000 Other insulating cloth or tape impregnated with poly

    0206800090 Edible offal of horses, asses, mules or hinnies, fresh or chilled

    3919109100 Encapsulant reflective film, of a width not exceeding 20cm

    8405900000 Parts of producer gas or water gas generators

    1604140000 Tunas, skipjack and bonito(Sarda spp.), prepared or preserved, whole or in pieces, but not minced

    2933520000 Malonylurea(barbituric acid)and its salts

    2905221000 Geraniol, nerol(cis-3, 7-Dimethyl-2, 6-octa- dien-l-ol)

    6115291000 Knitted or crocheted panty hose and tights of cotton

    8414804020 UF6/carrier gas compressors for MLIS, suitable to be used in UF6 atmosphere, UF6 carrier mixed gases compressors for MLIS, suitable to be used in UF6 atmosphere

    2304009000 other solid residues, whether or not ground or in the form of pellets, resulting from the extraction of soyabean oil

    6211110049 Men’s or boys’ swimwear, of silk, containing less than 70% by weight of silk

    4403995000 rough wood of Ash(other than that treated with paint, stains, creosote or other preservatives)

    8421219100 Ship ballast water treatment equipment

    0711599010 Shiitake mushroom provisionally preserved by sulphur dioxide gas or in other preservative solutions, but unsuitable in that state for immediate consumption

    8547901000 Electrical conduit tubing and joints therefor, of base metal lined with insulating material

    4414009090 Other wooden frames for paintings , photographs , mirrors or similar objects

    7019520001 Glass fiber filament plain weave for CCL(of a width exceeding 30cm, of filaments measuring per single yarn not exceeding 136 tex), the weight for each square meter≤180g

    8704230030 Special chassis for wreckers truck with total vehicle g.v.w≥31 tons

    3002120012 Mechano Growth Factor

    2913000090 Other halogenated, sulphonated, nitrated or nitrosated derivatives of articles of heading No.29.12

    7219142200 Other pickling rolled products of stainless steel, of a thickness of less than 3mm(not further worked than hot-rolled,hot-drawn or extruded,of a width of 600mm or more,containing more than 5.5% by weight of manganese of Ferro-chromium-manganese steel)

    0202300090 Other meat of bovine animals, boneless, frozen


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    China Customs Registration
    For Foods & Cosmetcs Exporter
    Before food and cosmetics export to China, all overseas exporters, manufacturers, and domestic importers must apply China Customs registration in advance, after obtain the GACC registration number, then can going through the customs clearance procedures.

    So far, there are more than 300,000 overseas exporters and manufacturers, 50,000 Chinese importers have registered with China Customs.

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    Export China Restrictions:
    Pre-market Approval Items
    Before exporting to China, many kinds of goods need to apply for Pre-market Approval from the Chinese Government Agency.

    These Pre-market Approval process usually need a few weeks, months, or even years, So you need to arrange in advance before shipping.

    Otherwise, without such Approval, even if the goods have arrived at the China Customs, they will not be cleared normally, and the goods will be detained in the port till get such approval, or even be returned, causing you huge losses.

    Food Products


    Medical Device

    Dairy Products

    Meat Products

    Aquatic Products

    Pet Feeds

    GMO Agriculturals

    Dietary Supplements


    Infant Formula
    Learn More China Pre-market Approval >>>
    China HS Code

    Since Aug 1, 2018, China Customs has used new 13-digits HS code for Customs Declaration;

    If use incorrect HS codes for China Customs declaration, will resulting in the Customs Clearance failed, Cause additional Clearance time, more storage costs, substantial fines , administrative penalties, even face Civil or Criminal charges;

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