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9614001010 Smoking pipes and pipe bowls, containing component of endangered animal(only referring to articles of ivory of wild mammals) 含濒危动物成分的烟斗及烟斗头(仅指野生哺乳类牙齿制产品)



9614001020 Smoking pipes and pipe bowls, of vegetable materials 用植物性材料制作的烟斗及烟斗头()



9614001090 Other smoking pipes and pipe bowls 其他烟斗及烟斗头()

9614009010 Cigar or cigarette holders, and parts thereof, containing component of wild animal(only referring to articles of ivory of wild mammals) 含濒危野生动物成分的烟嘴及其零件(仅指野生哺乳类牙齿制产品)


9614009090 Other cigar or cigarette holders, and parts thereof 其他烟嘴及其零件()

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