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HS Code Commodity English Name Commodity Chinese Name Tariff & Tax Tariff Calculate Customs Supervision Code CIQ Inspection Code
9608100000 Ball point pens 圆珠笔()

9608200000 Felt tipped and other porous-tipped pens and markers 毡尖和其他渗水式笔尖笔及唛头笔()

9608301000 Indian ink drawing pens 墨汁画笔()

9608302000 Fountain pens 自来水笔()

9608309000 Other pens 其他钢笔(包括铁笔型自来水笔)

9608400000 Propelling or sliding pencils 活动铅笔()

9608500000 Sets of articles from two or more of the heading No.96.08 含有两种笔及以上的成套货品(指品目9608所列的各种笔)

9608600000 Refills for ball point pens, comprising the ball point and ink-reservoir 圆珠笔芯(指由圆珠笔头和墨芯构成)

9608910000 Pen nibs and nib points 钢笔头及笔尖粒()

9608991000 pens Of a kind used on machines or instruments 机器、仪器用笔()

9608992000 Duplicating stylos; pen-holders, pencil-holders and similar holders 蜡纸铁笔,钢笔杆,铅笔杆等(包括类似笔杆,但品目9609的货品除外)

9608999000 Other parts(including caps and clips)of the foregoing articles, other than those of heading No.96.09 其他笔零件(包括笔帽、笔夹,但品目9609的货品除外)

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