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HS Code Commodity English Name Commodity Chinese Name Tariff & Tax Tariff Calculate Customs Supervision Code CIQ Inspection Code
9506110000 Skis 滑雪屐()

9506120000 Ski-fastenings(ski-bindings) 滑雪屐扣件(滑雪屐带)()

9506190000 Other snow-ski equipment 其他滑雪用具()

9506210000 Sailboards 帆板()

9506290000 Other water-sport equipment 其他水上运动用具(包括滑水板、冲浪板)

9506310000 Golf Clubs, complete 完整的高尔夫球棍()

9506320000 Golf Balls 高尔夫球()

9506390000 Other golf equipment 其他高尔夫球用具()

9506401000 Table-tennis balls 乒乓球()

9506409000 Other articles and equipment for table-tennis 其他乒乓球运动用品及器械()

9506510000 Lawn-tennis rackets, whether or not strung 草地网球拍(不论是否装弦)

9506590000 Other tennis, badminton or similar rackets, whether or not strung 其他网球拍、羽毛球拍或类似球拍()

9506610000 Lawn-tennis balls 草地网球()

9506621000 Basketballs, footballs or volleyballs 篮球、足球、排球()

9506629000 Other inflatable balls 其他可充气的球()

9506690000 Other balls, other than golf balls and table-tennis balls 其他球(但高尔夫球及乒乓球除外)

9506701000 Ice skates 溜冰鞋(包括装有冰刀的溜冰靴)

9506702000 Roller skates 旱冰鞋()

9506911110 The treadmill(machine) 跑步机(整机)

9506911190 Part and acceories of treadmill 跑步机的零件及附件()

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