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HS Code Commodity English Name Commodity Chinese Name Tariff & Tax Tariff Calculate Customs Supervision Code CIQ Inspection Code
9306210000 Cartridges 猎枪弹()

9306290000 parts of shotgun cartridges; air gun pellets 猎枪弹的零件及气枪弹丸()

9306308000 Cartridges for riveting or similar tools or for captive-bolt humane killers and parts thereof 铆接机或类似工具的子弹及其零件(包括弩枪式无痛捕杀器用。)

9306309000 Other cartridges and parts thereof 其他子弹及其零件()

9306900010 Missiles and parts thereof under control of sensitive item(capable of throwing payload over 500kg to 300km above) 两用物项管制的导弹及其零件(能把500千克以上有效载荷投掷到300千米以上的)


9306900020 Carrier rockets (capable of throwing payload over 500kg to 300 km above) 运载火箭(能把500千克以上有效载荷投掷到300千米以上的)


9306900030 Sounding rockets(capable of throwing payload over 500kg to 300 km above) 探空火箭(能把500千克以上有效载荷投掷到300千米以上的)


9306900040 Cruise missiles(capable of throwing payload over 500kg to 300 km above) 巡航导弹(能把500千克以上有效载荷投掷到300千米以上的)


9306900090 Other ammunition and projectiles and parts thereof (including bombs, grenades, torpedoes, mines, missiles, etc.) 其他弹药和射弹及其零件(包括炸弹、手榴弹、鱼雷、地雷、水雷、导弹等)

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