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9027100010 Gas detectors for continuous operations (used to detect the chemicals with export control or organic compounds (containing phosphorus, sulfur, fluorine or chlorine, with the concentration lower than 0.3mg/m3), or detect the activity of inhibited cholinest 用于连续操作的气体检测器(可用于出口管制的化学品或有机化合物(含有磷、硫、氟或氯,其浓度低于0.3mg/m3)的检测,或为检测受抑制的胆碱酯酶的活性而设计)


9027100090 Other gas or smog analyzers 其他气体或烟雾分析仪()

9027201100 Gas chromatographs instruments 气相色谱仪()

9027201200 Liquid chromatographs instruments 液相色谱仪()

9027201900 Other chromatographs instruments 其他色谱仪()

9027202000 Electrophoresis instruments 电泳仪()

9027300000 Spectrometers, spectrophotometers and spectrographs using optical radiations (UV, visible, IR) 分光仪、分光光度计及摄谱仪(使用光学射线(紫外线、可见光、红外线)的)

9027500000 Other instruments and apparatus using optical radiations(UV, visible, IR) 使用光学射线的其他仪器及装置(光学射线是指紫外线、可见光、红外线)

9027801100 Integrated circuit belium spectra leak detectors 集成电路生产用氦质谱检漏台()

9027801200 Mass spectrograph 质谱联用仪()

9027801910 UF6 mass spectrometers/ion sources (capable of obtaining feed, products or tailing sample spectrometers from UF6 air streams) 两用物项管制的UF6质谱仪/离子源(能从UF6气流中在线取得供料、产品或尾料样品谱仪)


9027801920 Measuring ion mass spectrometers of more than 230 mass units (resolution: higher than 2/230) 测大于230质量单位离子质谱仪(分辨率高于2/230)


9027801990 Other mass spectrometers 其他质谱仪()

9027809100 Exposure meters 曝光表()

9027809900 Other instruments and apparatus for physical or chemical analysis (including instruments and apparatus for measuring or checking viscosity or the like) 其他理化分析仪器及装置(包括测量或检验粘性及类似性能的仪器及装置)

9027900000 Microtomes; parts and accessories of instruments and apparatus for physical or chemical analysis 检镜切片机、理化分析仪器零件()

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