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HS Code Commodity English Name Commodity Chinese Name Tariff & Tax Tariff Calculate Customs Supervision Code CIQ Inspection Code
9001100001 Non-dispersive displacement single-mode optical fibers(G652A、G652B、G652C、G652D) 非色散位移单模光纤(G.652,包括G652A、G652B、G652C、G652D等)

9001100002 Other single-mode fibers 其他单模光纤()

9001100009 Other optical fibers (excluding the items under Heading No.85.44) 其他光导纤维(但品目8544的货品除外)

9001100090 Optical fiber bundles and cables (excluding the items under Heading No.85.44) 光导纤维束及光缆(但品目8544的货品除外)

9001200002 polarizer for LCD Projectors 液晶投影仪用偏光板()

9001200003 Polarizer for digit film projector 数字电影放映机用偏光板()

9001200090 Sheets and plates made of other polarizing materials 其他偏振材料制的片及板()

9001300000 Contact lenses 隐形眼镜片()

9001401000 Photochromic spectacle lenses of glass 玻璃制变色镜片()

9001409100 spectacle lenses of glass For sunglasses 玻璃制太阳镜片()

9001409900 Other spectacle lenses of glass (excluding photochromic and sunglasses) 玻璃制其他眼镜片(变色镜片、太阳镜片除外)

9001501000 Photochromic lenses of non-glass 非玻璃材料制变色镜片()

9001509100 spectacle lenses of non-glass For sunglasses 非玻璃材料制太阳镜片()

9001509900 Other spectacle lenses of non-glass (excluding photochromic and sunglasses) 非玻璃材料制其他眼镜片(变色镜片、太阳镜片除外)

9001901000 Color filters 彩色滤光片()

9001909010 光通信用微光组件的光学元件(包括波长800-1700nm薄膜滤光片、自聚焦透镜、法拉第旋转片)

9001909020 微型镜片(激光视盘机激光收发装置用)

9001909030 非涅耳透镜投影屏(屏幕对角线≥80英寸,投射比≤0.26,增益比≥0.8,镜头间距≤100微米)

9001909040 液晶显示屏背光模组的光学元件(包括导光板、反射板、扩散片、增亮片)

9001909050 液晶投影仪用偏光元件()

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