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8543100010 Pulsed electron accelerators (with the peak energy of or above 500 KEV) 脉冲电子加速器(峰值能量为500千电子伏或更高)


8543100020 Neutron generator systems, including neutron tubes (evoking tritium-deuterium reaction through electrostatic acceleration in vacuum) 中子发生器系统,包括中子管(真空下,利用静电加速来诱发氚-氘核反应)


8543100090 Other particle generators 其他粒子加速器()

8543201000 Universal signal generators, with a frequency range of less than 1500MHz 输出信号频率<1500Mhz的通用信号发生器()

8543209010 High-speed pulse generators (pulse rise time less than 500ps) 高速脉冲发生器(脉冲上升时间小于500ps)


8543209090 Other versatile signal generators with the output signal frequency ≥1500Mhz 其他输出信号频率≥1500Mhz的通用信号发生器()

8543300010 Electrochemical reduction cells; electrolytic cell for lithium-amalgam (with the former designed for uranium enrichment in chemical exchange processes) 电化学还原槽;锂汞齐电解槽(电化学还原槽为化学交换过程的铀浓缩设计的)


8543300020 Fluorine-generating electrolytic cells (above 250g of fluorine per hour) 产氟电解槽(每小时产250克以上)


8543300090 Other electroplating, electrolyzing or electrophoresis equipments and appratuses 其他电镀、电解或电泳设备及装置()

8543709100 Metal or mine detectors 金属,矿藏探测器()

8543709200 High or intermediate frequency amplifiers 其他高,中频放大器()

8543709300 Electric fence energizers 电篱网激发器()

8543709910 Flight data recorders and reporters 飞行数据记录器、报告器()

8543709920 Exciters for wireless television broadcasting (can be independently functional) 无线广播电视用激励器(具有独立功能)


8543709930 Analog-to-digital converters (can be designed or improved for military use or designed to be radiation-resistant) 模/数转换器(能设计或改进成军用,或设计成抗辐射的)


8543709940 Ion source for mass spectrometers (atomic mass unit≥230; resolution>2/230) 质谱仪用的离子源(原子质量单位≥230, 分辨率>2/230)


8543709950 Cipher, cipher card (not including the intelligent digital TV card, Bluetooth module, for intellectual property protection dongle) 密码机、密码卡(不包括数字电视智能卡、蓝牙模块、用于知识产权保护的加密狗)()


8543709990 Other unlisted independently functional electric equipments and installations 其他未列名的具有独立功能的电气设备及装置()

8543901000 Parts Of particle accelerators 粒子加速器用零件()

8543902100 Parts Of the generators of subheading No.8543.2010 输出信号频率<1500Mhz通用信号发生器零件()

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