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HS Code Commodity English Name Commodity Chinese Name Tariff & Tax Tariff Calculate Customs Supervision Code CIQ Inspection Code
8540110000 Colour cathode-ray television picture tubes, including cideo monitor cathode-ray tubes 彩色阴极射线电视显像管(包括视频监视器用阴极射线管)



8540120000 Other monochrome cathode-ray television picture tubes, including cideo monitor cathode-ray tubes 单色阴极射线电视显像管(包括视频监视器用阴极射线管)



8540201000 Television camera tubes 电视摄像管()

8540209010 Stripe kinescopes for electronic stripe cameras (exclusively used for item listed in No. 84798990.71) 电子条纹相机的条纹显像管(专用于编号9006590040的条纹显像管)


8540209090 Other television camera tubes; other image converter tubes and image intensifier tubes; other photocathode tubes 其他电视摄像管;其他变像管及图像增强管;其他光阴极管()

8540401000 Data/graphic display tubes, colour, with a phosphor dot screen pitch smaller than 0.4mm 点距<0.4mm彩色数据/图形显示管(指屏幕荧光点间距小于0.4mm)


8540402000 Other data/graphic display tubes, monochrome 单色数据/图形显示管()


8540601000 Radar display tubes 雷达显示管()

8540609000 Other cathode-ray tubes 其他阴极射线管()


8540710000 Magnetrons 磁控管()

8540791000 Klystrons 速调管()

8540799000 Other microwave tubes 其他微波管(不包括栅控管)

8540810000 Receiver or amplifier valves and tubes 接收管或放大管()

8540890010 Photomultiplier tube(optoelectronic cathode area of more than 20 square centimeters, and anode pulse rise of less than 1ns) 光电倍增管(光电阴极面积大于20平方厘米,并且阳极脉冲上升时间小于1纳秒)


8540890090 Other valves and tubes (including photocathode valves and tubes, mercury arc rectifying valves and tubes) 其他电子管(包括光阴极管或汞弧整流管)

8540911000 Parts Of television picture tubes 电视显像管零件()

8540912000 Parts Of radar display tubes 雷达显示管零件()

8540919000 Parts of Other cathode-ray tubes 其他阴极射线管零件()

8540991000 Parts Of television camera tubes 电视摄像管零件()

8540999000 Parts of Other thermionic, cold cathode(including photocathode valves and tubes, mercury arc rectifying valves and tubes) 其他热电子管、冷阴极管零件(包括光阴极管或汞弧整流管)

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