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8532100000 Fixed capacitors designed for use in 50/60 Hz circuits and having a reactive power handling capacity of not less than 0.5kVar(power capacitors) 固定电容器,电力电容器(用于50/60赫兹电路,额定无功功率不低于0.5千瓦)

8532211000 Laminate tantalum capacitors 片式钽电容器()

8532219000 Other tantalum capacitors 其他钽电容器()

8532221000 Laminate Aluminium electrolytic capacitors 片式铝电解电容器()

8532229000 Other Aluminium electrolytic capacitors 其他铝电解电容器()

8532230000 Ceramic dielectric, single layer capacitors 单层瓷介电容器()

8532241000 Laminate Ceramic dielectric, multi layer capacitors 片式多层瓷介电容器()

8532249000 Other Ceramic dielectric, multi layer capacitors 其他多层瓷介电容器()

8532251000 Laminate dielectric of paper or plastics capacitors 片式纸介质或塑料介质电容器()

8532259000 Other dielectric of paper or plastics capacitors 其他纸介质或塑料介质电容器()

8532290000 Other fixed capacitors 其他固定电容器()

8532300000 Variable or adjustable(pre-set)capacitors 其他可变或可调(微调)电容器()

8532901000 Parts Of the capacitors of subheading No. 8532.1000 编号85321000所列电容器零件()

8532909000 Parts of Other capacitors (other than parts of the capacitors of subheading No. 8532.1000) 其他电容器零件(编号85321000所列电容器零件除外)

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