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8529101000 Aerials and aerial reflectors of all kinds and parts thereof, for radar apparatus and radio navigational aid apparatus 雷达及无线电导航设备天线及零件(包括天线反射器)

8529102000 Aerials and aerial reflectors of all kinds and parts thereof, for radio-broadcast receivers and their combinations, television receivers 收音机、电视机天线及其零件(包括收音机的组合机用的天线及零件)

8529109021 Satellite TV antenna 卫星电视接收用天线()


8529109029 Other radio broadcasting & television antenna (listed in item No. 85.25-85.28, including antenna reflectors ) 其他无线广播电视用天线(品目8525至8528所列其他装置或设备的,包括天线反射器)


8529109090 Other radio antennas and parts (listed in item No.85.25-85.28, including antenna reflector ) 其他无线电设备天线及其零件(品目8525至8528所列其他装置或设备的,包括天线反射器)

8529901011 Satellite TV decorder 卫星电视接收用解码器()


8529901012 Access cards for receiving satellite television 卫星电视接收用收视卡()


8529901013 CRD card for receiving satellite television 卫星电视接收用器件板卡()


8529901014 Parts exclusively for receiving statellite TV signals 卫星电视接收用专用零件()


8529901090 Other parts for TV transmission or transposing devices (including other parts of ground receiving and relaying equipments for satellite television) 其他电视发送,差转等设备零件(包括其他卫星电视地面接收转播设备零件)

8529904100 Parts for television cameras Of special purposes (including parts for video camera recorders and digital cameras) 特种用途的电视摄像机等设备用零件(也包括视频摄录一体机、数字照相机的零件)

8529904210 Video camera recorders,digital camera,with image capture module 电视摄像机、摄录一体机、数码相机用取像模块()

8529904220 Mobile phone,tablet computer with image capture module 手机、平板电脑用取像模块()

8529904290 Other image pick-up modules not for special purpose 其他非特种用途的取像模块()

8529904900 Other parts for television cameras, video camera recorders and digital cameras 摄像机、摄录一体机、数码相机的其他零件()

8529905000 Parts Of radar apparatus and radio navigational aid apparatus 雷达及无线电导航设备零件()

8529906000 Parts Of radio-broadcast receivers and their combinations 收音机及其组合机的其他零件()

8529908100 Parts Of colour television receivers(Other than plasma display modules or parts thereof)(other than H.F. tuners) 彩色电视机零件(等离子显像组件及其零件、有机发光二极管显示屏除外)(高频调谐器除外)

8529908200 Plasma display modules and part thereof 等离子显像组件及其零件(含滤光片)

8529908300 LCD display screen for colour tv 彩色电视机的有机发光二极管显示屏()

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