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HS Code Commodity English Name Commodity Chinese Name Tariff & Tax Tariff Calculate Customs Supervision Code CIQ Inspection Code
8523211000 Unrecorded cards incorporating a magnetic stripe 未录制的磁条卡()

8523212000 Recorded cards incorporating a magnetic stripe 已录制的磁条卡()

8523291100 Unrecorded magnetic discs 未录制磁盘()

8523291900 Recorded magnetic discs 已录制磁盘()

8523292100 Magnetic tapes Of a width not exceeding 4mm,unrecorded 未录制的宽度不超过4毫米的磁带()



8523292200 Magnetic tapes Of a width exceeding 4mm but not exceeding 6.5mm,unrecorded 未录制的宽度超过4毫米,但不超过6.5毫米的磁带()

8523292300 Magnetic tapes Of a width exceeding 6.5mm, unrecorded 未录制的宽度超过6.5毫米的磁带()

8523292800 Magnetic tapes For reproducing sound or image phenomena 重放声音或图像信息的磁带(已录制的录音带、录像带)


8523292900 Other recorded magnetic tapes 已录制的其他磁带()


8523299000 Other magnetic media 其他磁性媒体()


8523410000 其他未录制光学媒体 未录制光学媒体()

8523491000 Disc for reproducing sound only, recorded 仅用于重放声音信息的已录制光学媒体()


8523492000 Optical media For reproducing phenomena other than sound or image for the machines of heading No.84.71 用于重放声音、图像以外信息的光学媒体(品目8471所列机器用,已录制)

8523499000 Other optical media 其他已录制光学媒体()


8523511000 Solid-state non-volatile storage devicec(flash memorizer), Unrecorded 未录制的固态非易失性存储器件(闪速存储器)()

8523512000 Solid-state non-volatile storage devicec(flash memorizer), Recorded 已录制的固态非易失性存储器件(闪速存储器)()

8523521000 "Smart cards", unrecorded 未录制的"智能卡"()

8523529000 Other "Smart cards" 其他“智能卡”()

8523591000 Other semiconductor media, Unrecorded 其他未录制的半导体媒体()

8523592000 Other semiconductor media, Recorded 其他已录制的半导体媒体()

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