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HS Code Commodity English Name Commodity Chinese Name Tariff & Tax Tariff Calculate Customs Supervision Code CIQ Inspection Code
8514101000 Furnaces for heat treatment, atmosphere controllable 可控气氛热处理炉()

8514109000 Other industrial or laboratory resistance heated furnaces and ovens 工业用其他电阻加热炉及烘箱(包括实验室用)

8514200010 Vacuum or controlled atmosphere induction furnaces (working temperature:>850℃; induction coil diameter: ≤600mm; power: ≥5KW) 真空感应炉或受控环境感应炉(工作温度>850℃,感应线圈直径≤600mm,功率≥5千瓦)


8514200090 Other induction furnaces or dielectric losing furnaces and ovens (including those for laboratory use) 其他感应或介质损耗工作炉及烘箱(包括实验室用)

8514300020 Arc remelting furnace and casting furnace (capacity:1100cm3-20000cm3; using consutrode; working temperature: below 1700℃) 电弧重熔炉和铸造用炉(容量1千-2万立方厘米,使用自耗电极,工作温度1700℃以上)


8514300030 electron beam melting furnace (power: ≥50KW;able to work above the melting temperature of 1200℃) 电子束熔化炉(功率≥50千瓦,能在>1200℃的熔化温度工作)


8514300040 Plasm atomization furnaces and melting furnaces(power: ≥50KW; able to work above the melting temperature of 1200℃) 等离子体雾化和熔化炉(功率≥50千瓦,能在>1200℃的熔化温度工作)


8514300090 Other industrial electric furnaces and ovens for industrial use(including those for laboratory use) 工业用其他电炉及电烘箱(包括实验室用)

8514400001 Frequency weld annealers 焊缝中频退火装置()

8514400090 Other kinds of induction furnaces or dielectric losing heating devices (including those for laboratory use) 其他感应或介质损耗的加热设备(包括实验室用)

8514901000 Parts of steel making electric furnaces 炼钢电炉用零件()

8514909000 parts of industrial resistance heated furnaces and ovens; parts of goods of heading No.85.14 工业用电阻加热炉及烘箱等零件(指品目8514所列货品的零件)

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