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HS Code Commodity English Name Commodity Chinese Name Tariff & Tax Tariff Calculate Customs Supervision Code CIQ Inspection Code
8501101000 Motors of an output not exceeding 37.5W For use in toys 输出功率≤37.5W玩具电动机()

8501109101 Precision micromotors for the movement of laser disc players (20mm≤diameter≤30mm;1w≤ power ≤18w) 激光视盘机机芯精密微型电机(1瓦≤功率≤18瓦,20mm≤直径≤30mm)

8501109102 Precision micromotors with a video camera,camcorder (5mm≤diameter≤20mm;0.5w≤ power ≤10w) 摄像机、摄录一体机用精密微型电机(0.5瓦≤功率≤10瓦,20mm≤直径≤39mm)

8501109190 Other kinds of micro motors with frames sized between 20mm and 39mm (power output: no more than 37.5W) 其他机座最大尺寸在20mm至39mm微电机(输出功率不超过37.5瓦)

8501109901 Power: ≤0.5W, micromotors not for the movement of laser disc players (cylindrical diameter: ≤6mm; height: 25mm; oblate diameter: ≤15mm; thickness:≤5mm) 功率≤0.5W非用于激光视盘机机芯的微型电机(圆柱形直径≤6mm,高≤25mm;扁圆型直径≤15mm,厚≤5mm)

8501109902 Precision micromotors with laser videodisc(5mm≤diameter≤20mm;0.5w≤ power ≤10w) 激光视盘机机芯用精密微型电机(0.5瓦≤功率≤2瓦,5mm≤直径<20mm)

8501109903 摄像机、摄录一体机用精密微型电机(0.5瓦≤功率≤10瓦,5mm≤直径<20mm或39mm<直径≤40mm)

8501109990 Other kinds of micro motors’ (power output: no more than 37.5W) 其他微电机(输出功率不超过37.5瓦)

8501200000 universal AC/DC Motors of an out put exceeding37.5 W 输出功率>37.5W的交直流两用电动机()

8501310000 Other DC motors, DC generators Of an output not exceeding 750W 其他输出功率≤750瓦的直流电动机、发电机()

8501320000 Other DC motors, DC generators Of an output exceeding 750W but not exceeding 75kW 750W<输出功率≤75KW的直流电动机、发电机()

8501330000 Other DC motors, DC generators Of an output exceeding 75kW but not exceeding 75KW<输出功率≤375KW的直流电动机,发电机()

8501340000 Other DC motors, DC generators Of an output exceeding 375kW 输出功率>375KW的直流电动机、发电机()

8501400000 Other AC motors, single-phase 单相交流电动机()

8501510010 Generator (power: ≥40W; frequency: 600-2000HZ;harmonic distortion rate: <10%, etc.) 发电机(功率≥40瓦特,频率600至2000赫兹,谐波畸变低于10%等)


8501510090 Others’ power output≤750W; multi-phase AC motors 其他输出功率≤750W多相交流电动机()

8501520000 AC motorss multi-phase Of an output exceeding750W but not exceeding 75KW 750W<输出功率≤75KW的多相交流电动机()

8501530010 高速(200km/h及以上)电力机车的交流异步牵引电动机()

8501530090 Others’ power:>75KW; multi-phase AC motors 其他功率>75KW多相交流电动机()

8501610000 AC generators(alternators) Of an output not exceeding 75KVA 输出功率≤75KVA交流发电机()

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