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HS Code Commodity English Name Commodity Chinese Name Tariff & Tax Tariff Calculate Customs Supervision Code CIQ Inspection Code
8482101000 Self-aliging ball bearing 调心球轴承(滚珠轴承)

8482102000 Deep groove ball bearing 深沟球轴承(滚珠轴承)

8482103000 Angular contact ball bearing 角接触轴承(滚珠轴承)

8482104000 Thrust ball bearing 推力球轴承(滚珠轴承)

8482109000 Other ball bearings 其他滚珠轴承()

8482200000 Tapered roller bearings, including cone and tapered roller assemblies 锥形滚子轴承(包括锥形滚子组件)

8482300000 Spherical roller bearings 鼓形滚子轴承()

8482400000 Needle roller bearings 滚针轴承()

8482500010 三环、二环偏心滚动轴承()

8482500090 Other cylindrical roller bearings 其他圆柱形滚子轴承()

8482800000 Other, including combined ball/roller bearings 其他滚动轴承及球、柱混合轴承()

8482910000 Balls, needles and rollers 滚珠、滚针及滚柱()

8482990000 Other parts of ball or roller bearings 滚动轴承的其他零件()

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