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HS Code Commodity English Name Commodity Chinese Name Tariff & Tax Tariff Calculate Customs Supervision Code CIQ Inspection Code
8473100000 Parts and accessories of the machines of heading No.84.69 打字机、文字处理机的零件、附件()

8473210000 Parts and accessories Of the electronic calculating machines of subheading No.8470.10, 8470.21 or 8470.29 品目8470所列电子计算器的零附件(系指子目847010、847021及847029所列的电子计算器的)

8473290000 Parts and accessories of machines of subheading No.8470.30, 8470.40, or 8470.90 品目8470所列其他机器的零附件(系指子目847030、847040、847050及847090所列机器的)

8473301000 Parts and accessories Of the machines of subheading No.8471.4110,8471.4120, 8471.4910, 8471.4920, 8471.5010,8471.5020, 8471.6090, 8471.7010, 8471.7020,8471.7030 and 8471.7090 大、中、小型计算机的零件(包括大、中、小型机的中央处理部件的零件)

8473309000 Parts and accessories of Other machines of heading No.84.71 品目8471所列其他机器零附件()

8473401000 Banknote dispenser of automated teller 自动柜员机用出钞器和循环出钞器()

8473409001 Parts and accessories of banknote sorters 钞票清分机零附件()

8473409090 Parts and accessories of other office machine 其他办公室用机器零附件()

8473500000 Parts and accessories equally suitable for use with machines of two or more of the headings No.84.69 to 84.72 品目8469至8472中所列机器零附件(用于品目8469至8472中两个或两个以上品目所列机器的)

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