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8472100000 Duplicating machines 胶版复印机、油印机()

8472301000 Machines for sorting or banding mail 邮政信件分拣及封装设备()

8472309000 Other machines for sorting or folding mail or opening, closing or sealing mail(including machines for inserting mail in envelopes or bands, and machines for affixing or cancelling postage stamps) 其他信件折叠、分类、开或闭封机(包括信件装封机及粘贴邮票机和盖销邮票机)

8472901000 Automated teller 自动柜员机()

8472902100 Perforator used in office 办公室用打洞机()

8472902200 Stapler used in office 办公室用订书机()

8472902900 Other stapling machines used in office 其他装订用办公室机器()

8472903000 Paper shrudders 碎纸机()

8472904000 Addressing machines and address plate embossing machines 地址印写机及地址铭牌压印机()

8472909000 Other office machines (including coinsorting machines, coincounting or wrapping machines, pencil-sharpening machines) 其他办公室用机器(包括硬币分类、计数、包装机和削笔机等)

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