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8470100000 Electronic calculators capable of operation without an external source of electric power and pocket-size data recording, reproducing and displaying machines with calculating functions 电子计算器及袖珍式数据录放机器(不需外接电源,录放指具计算功能的数据记录,重现及显示)

8470210000 Electronic calculating machines Incorporating a printing device 装有打印装置的电子计算器()

8470290000 Other electronic calculating machines 其他电子计算器()

8470300000 Other calculating machines 其他计算机器()

8470501000 Terminal registers for market 销售点终端出纳机()

8470509000 Other cash registers 其他现金出纳机()

8470900000 accounting machines, postage-franking machines,ticket-is-suing machines and similar machines 会计计算机,邮资盖戳机,售票机及类似机器()

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