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HS Code Commodity English Name Commodity Chinese Name Tariff & Tax Tariff Calculate Customs Supervision Code CIQ Inspection Code
8454100000 Converters 金属冶炼及铸造用转炉()

8454201010 VOD furnaces (vacuum degassing furnaces) VOD炉(真空脱气炉)()


8454201090 Other secondary refining equipments 其他炉外精炼设备()


8454209000 Other ladles, ingot moulds, of a kind used in metallurgy or in metal foundries 其他金属冶炼及铸造用锭模及浇包()

8454301000 Cold chamber die-casting machines 冷室压铸机()


8454302100 Ingot block 方坯连铸机()

8454302200 Ingot slab 板坯连铸机()


8454302900 Other ingot continuous casting machines 其他钢坯连铸机()


8454309000 Other casting machines, of a kind used in metallurgy or in metal foundries 其他金属冶炼及铸造用铸造机()

8454901000 Parts For the fining equipments outside of converters 炉外精炼设备的零件()

8454902100 Crystallizers for ingot continuous casting machines 钢坯连铸机用结晶器()

8454902200 Vibrating devices for ingot continuous casting machines 钢坯连铸机用振动装置()

8454902900 Other parts for ingot continuous casting machines 钢坯连铸机用其他零件()

8454909000 Other pats for converters and casting machines, of a kind used in metallurgy(including parts for ladles and ingot moulds) 其他冶炼等用转炉及铸造机的零件(包括浇包、锭模的零件)

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