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HS Code Commodity English Name Commodity Chinese Name Tariff & Tax Tariff Calculate Customs Supervision Code CIQ Inspection Code
8431100000 Parts Of machinery of heading No.84.25 滑车、绞盘、千斤顶等机械用零件(品目8425所列机械用的)

8431201000 Drive-axles with differential and parts thereof, whether or not provided with other transmission components, of machinery of heading 84.27 装有差速器的驱动桥及其零件,不论是否装有其他传动部件(品目8427所列机械用的)

8431209000 Other 叉车及装有升降装置工作车用其他零件(品目8427所列机械用的)

8431310001 Parts of obstacle-free lifters 无障碍升降机的零件()

8431310090 Parts of other lifters and inverted unloading cranes(including parts of escalators) 其他升降机、倒卸式起重机零件(包括自动梯零件)

8431390000 Parts of Other machinery of heading No.84.28(other than parts of lifts, skip hoists or escalators) 品目8428所列其他机械的零件(升降机,倒卸式起重机,自动梯的零件除外)

8431410000 Buckets, shovels, grabs and grips 戽斗、夹斗、抓斗及其他铲斗()

8431420000 Bulldozer or angledozer blades 推土机或侧铲推土机用铲()

8431431000 Parts Of oil and natural gas drilling machinery 石油或天然气钻探机用零件()

8431432000 Parts Of other drilling machinery 其他钻探机用零件()

8431439000 Parts Of sinking machinery of subheadings No.843041, 843049 其他凿井机用零件(子目843041,843049所列机械的)

8431492000 Drive-axles with differential and parts thereof, whether or not provided with other transmission components 装有差速器的驱动桥及其零件,不论是否装有其他传动部件()

8431499100 Parts for mining power shovels 矿用电铲用零件()

8431499900 Other parts of machinery of headings No.84.26, 84.29 or 84.30(other than parts of machinery listed foregoing) 品目8426、8429、8430的其他零件(前述具体列名的机械零件除外)

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