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HS Code Commodity English Name Commodity Chinese Name Tariff & Tax Tariff Calculate Customs Supervision Code CIQ Inspection Code
8430100000 Pile-drivers and pile-extractors 打桩机及拔桩机()

8430200000 Snow-ploughs and snow-blowers 扫雪机及吹雪机()

8430311000 Coal cutters, self-propelle 自推进采(截)煤机()


8430312000 Rock cutters, self-propelle 自推进凿岩机()


8430313000 Tunnelling machinery, self-propelle 自推进隧道掘进机()


8430390000 Other coal or rock cutters and tunnelling machinery, non-selfpropelled 其他非自推进截煤机凿岩机(包括非自推隧道掘进机)

8430411100 self-propelled oil and natural gas driling machinery Of drilling depth of 6000m or more 钻探深度≥6千米其他石油钻探机(自推进的,包括天然气钻探机)

8430411900 Other self-propelled oil and natural gas driling machinery, of drilling depth not exceeding 6000 m 其他自推进石油及天然气钻探机(钻探深度在6000米以下的)

8430412100 other self-propelled drilling machiney , of drilling depth of 6000m or more 钻探深度≥6千米的其他钻探机(自推进的)

8430412200 Crawler oil and natural gas driling machinery of drilling depth not exceeding 6000 m 深度< 6千米履带式自推进钻机(指石油及天然气钻探机)

8430412900 Other boring machinery of drilling depth not C11180exceeding 6000 C11182m 钻探深度<6千米的其他钻探机(自推进的)

8430419000 Other self-propelled sinking machinery 其他自推进的凿井机械()

8430490000 Other non-selfpropelled boring or sinking machinery 非自推进的其他钻探或凿井机械()

8430501000 Other machinery for oil production, self-propelled 其他自推进采油机械()

8430502000 Mining power shovels 矿用电铲()

8430503100 mining drills, Gear wheel diameter more than 380mm, self-propelled 牙轮直径≥380mm的采矿钻机(自推进的)

8430503900 Other mining drills, gear wheel diameter not exceeding 380mm, self-propelled 牙轮直径<380mm的采矿钻机(自推进的)

8430509000 Other garding,levelling,compacting machinery, self-propelled, not specified 其他自推进未列名平整、压实等机械()

8430610000 Tamping or compacting machinery, not self-propelled 非自推进捣固或压实机械()

8430691100 Engineering drills, Boring casing diameter more than 3m, not self-propelled 转筒直径≥3米的工程钻机(非自动推进)

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