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HS Code Commodity English Name Commodity Chinese Name Tariff & Tax Tariff Calculate Customs Supervision Code CIQ Inspection Code
8426112000 Bridge cranes, all-purpose 通用桥式起重机()

8426119000 Other overhead travelling cranes on fixed support 其他固定支架的高架移动式起重机()

8426120000 Mobile lifting frames on tyres and straddle carriers 胶轮移动式吊运架及跨运车()

8426191000 Ship loading cranes 装船机()

8426192100 Grab ship unloading cranes 抓斗式卸船机()

8426192900 Other ship unloading cranes 其他卸船机()


8426193000 Gantry cranes 龙门式起重机()

8426194100 Frame loading and unloading bridges 门式装卸桥()

8426194200 Container loading and unloading bridges 集装箱装卸桥()

8426194300 Derrick loading and unloading bridges 其他动臂式装卸桥()

8426194900 Other loading and unloading bridges 其他装卸桥()

8426199000 Other overhead travelling cranes 其他高架移动式起重吊运设备()

8426200000 Tower cranes 塔式起重机()


8426300000 Portal or pedestal jib cranes 门座式起重机及座式旋臂起重机()

8426411000 wheel cranes 轮胎式起重机()


8426419000 Other lifting machinery ,self-propelled , on tyres 其他带胶轮的自推进起重机械()

8426491000 Crawler cranes , self-propelled 履带式自推进起重机械()


8426499000 Other machinery ,self-propelled , not on tyres 其他不带胶轮的自推进起重机械()

8426910000 Other machinery , designed for mounting on road vehicles 供装于公路车辆的其他起重机械()

8426990000 Other cranes 其他起重机械()

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