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8421110000 Cream separators 奶油分离器()



8421121000 Clothes-dryers , of a dry linen capacity not exceeding 10kg 干衣量不超过10千克的离心干衣机()

8421129000 Clothes-dryers , of a dry linen capacity exceeding 10kg 干衣量大于10千克的离心干衣机()

8421191000 Dewaterers 脱水机()

8421192000 Solid-liquor separators 固液分离机()

8421199020 Centrifugal liquid-liquid contactors (specially designed or made for uranium enrichment in the chemical exchange process) 液-液离心接触器(为化学交换过程的铀浓缩而专门设计或制造的)


8421199030 Centrifugal contactors, including decanters(non-divergent aerosol which can continuously separate pathogenic microorganisms) 离心分离器,包括倾析器(不发散气溶胶、可对致病性微生物进行连续分离的)


8421199090 Other centrifugal machines and centrifugal dryers 其他离心机及离心干燥机()

8421211000 Filtering or purifying machinery and apparatus, for liquids ,of the household type 家用型过滤或净化水的机器及装置()



8421219100 Ship ballast water treatment equipment 船舶压载水处理设备()

8421219910 喷灌设备用叠式净水过滤器()

8421219920 船舶压载水处理设备用过滤器()

8421219990 Other non-household filtering or purifying apparatuses 其他非家用型过滤或净化水的装置()

8421220000 For filtering or purifying beverages other than water 过滤或净化饮料的机器及装置(过滤或净化水的装置除外)



8421230000 Oil or petrol-filters for internal combustion engines 内燃发动机的滤油器()

8421291000 Press filters 压滤机()


8421299040 Liquid closure filtration equipment (which can continuously separate pathogenic microorganisms, toxins and cell culture) 液体截流过滤设备(可连续分离致病性微生物、毒素和细胞培养物)


8421299090 Other filtering and purifying machines and apparatuses for other liquids 其他液体的过滤、净化机器及装置()

8421310000 Intake air filters for internal combustion engines 内燃发动机的进气过滤器()

8421391000 Filtering or purifying machinery and apparatus, for gases , of the household type 家用型气体过滤、净化机器及装置()

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