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HS Code Commodity English Name Commodity Chinese Name Tariff & Tax Tariff Calculate Customs Supervision Code CIQ Inspection Code
7020001100 Conductivity glass 导电玻璃()

7020001200 Glass umbrella for insulator 绝缘子用玻璃伞盘()

7020001301 Quartz tube reactor and gripper for producing semiconductor crystalline silicon 半导体晶片生产用石英反应管及夹持器(熔融石英或其他熔融硅石制)(用于插入熔化和氧化炉内)


7020001390 Other articles of glass for fused silica 熔融石英或其他熔融硅石制工业用其他玻璃制品(导电玻璃及绝缘子用玻璃伞盘除外)

7020001901 Quartz reactor tubes and grippers for manufacturing semiconductor chips(used for inserting the furnace for melting and oxidation) 半导体晶片生产用石英反应管及夹持器(用于插入熔化和氧化炉内)


7020001990 Articles of glass for other industrial use 其他工业用玻璃制品()

7020009100 Glass inners for vacuum flasks or for other vacuum vessels 保温瓶或其他保温容器用玻璃胆()



7020009901 Quartz glass, degree of plainness less than 1μm 石英玻璃,平整度小于等于1微米()

7020009990 Other articles of glass not for technical use 其他非工业用玻璃制品()

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