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5911101000 Narrow fabrics made of velvet impregnated with rubber, for covering weaving spindles(weaving beams),(including felt coated ,covered or laminated with rubber,leather or other material and or similar fabrics) 包覆纺锤用浸胶的狭幅丝绒织物(包括用橡胶,皮革等材料包覆,压层的毡呢及类似织物)

5911109000 Other pile narrow fabrics,(including felt covered or laminated with rubber,leather or other materials and similar fabrics) 其他起绒狭幅织物(包括用橡胶,皮革等材料包覆,压层的毡呢及类似织物)

5911200010 Bolting cloth of silk, whether or not made up 丝制筛布(不论是否制成的.)

5911200090 Bolting cloth of other textile materials, whether or not made up, other than engraved screen printed fabric 其他纺织材料制筛布(不论是否制成的.刻版筛网印布除外)

5911310000 Textile fabrics and felts ,endless or feltted with linking devices ,Weighing less than 650g/㎡,of a kind used in paper-making or similar machines 轻的环状或有联接装置的布或毡呢(每平方米重量在650克以下,用于造纸机器或类似机器)

5911320000 Textile fabrics and felts ,endless or feltted with linking devices,Weighing 650g/㎡ or more,of a kind used in paper-making or similar machines 重的环状或有联接装置的布或毡呢(每平方米重量在650克及以上,用于造纸机器或类似机器)

5911400000 Straining cloth of a kind used in oil presses or the like, including that of human hair 用于榨油机器或类似机器的滤布(包括人发制滤布)

5911900000 Other textile products and articles, for technical uses, specified in Note 7 to this Chapter 其他专门技术用途纺织产品及制品(见第59章注释七)

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