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HS Code Commodity English Name Commodity Chinese Name Tariff & Tax Tariff Calculate Customs Supervision Code CIQ Inspection Code
3602001010 Based on ammonals nitrate D4112Ammonium nitrate explosives meets specific criteria(containing more than 2% of nitramines, density>1.8g/cm3, explosion velocity>8000m/s) 符合特定标准的硝铵炸药(硝胺类物质超过2% ,或密度>1.8g/cm3、爆速>8000m/s)


3602001090 Other ammonium nitrate explosives, other than propellent powders 其他硝铵炸药,但发射药除外()

3602009010 Other prepared explosives meets specific criteria(containing more than 2% of hexanitrostilbene , density>1.8g/cm3,explosion velocity>8000m/s) 符合特定标准的其他配制炸药(含有超过2%(按重量计)的下述任何一种物质:(环)四亚甲基四硝胺(HMX);(环)三亚甲基三硝基胺(RDX);三氨基三硝基苯(TATB);氨基二硝基苯并氧化呋咱或7-氨基-4,6-硝基苯并呋咱-1-氧化物;六硝基芪(HNS)等;或晶体密度大于1.8g/cm3、爆速超过8000m/s的各种炸药。)


3602009090 Other prepared explosives, other than propellent powders 其他配制炸药,但发射药除外()

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