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    Import Supervision of China  
    Customs Supervision Documentations CIQ Supervision of Inspection Quarantine
    • Necessary documentations required by China Customs and China Entry-exit Inspection Quarantine Bureau (CIQ)
    • Documentation's Issuing authorities, legal basis, application dossiers, procedure, cost, time and guide etc.
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  • Import Commodity Customs Supervision and CIQ Inspection Requirements:
  • No. HS Code Commodity English Name Commodity Chinese Name Customs Supervision Code CIQ Inspection Code Application Guide
    No.13139  9608200000 Felt tipped and other porous-tipped pens and markers 毡尖和其他渗水式笔尖笔及唛头笔;

    No.1869  2523900000 Other hydraulic cements 其他水凝水泥;



    No.823  0712310000 Dried Mushrooms of the genus Agaricus(whole, cut, sliced, broken or in powder, but not further prepared) 干伞菌属蘑菇;整个,切块,切片,破碎或制成粉状,但未经进一步加工的



    No.4342  3824740016 Mixtures of pentafluoroethane, trifluoroethane and chlorodifuoromethane(R408) 五氟乙烷、三氟乙烷和二氟一氯甲烷的混合物;R408


    No.1861  2521000000 Limestone flux; limestone and other calcareous stone, of a kind used for the manufacture of lime or cement 石灰石助熔剂、石灰石及其他钙石;

    No.11388  8501400000 Other AC motors, single-phase 单相交流电动机;

    No.8911  6601910000 Umbrella having a telescopic shaft(other than toy umbrella) 折叠伞;玩具伞除外

    No.2652  2907230001 Bisphenol-A(4, 4’-Isopropylidenediphenol) 双酚A;4,4-异亚丙基联苯酚

    No.8937  6802219000 Alabaster and articles thereof , simply cut or sawn(with a flat or even surface) 经简单切削或锯开的蜡石及制品;具有一个平面

    No.2644  2907191090 o-Sec-butyl phenol 邻仲丁基酚;

    No.8107  6203499023 Men’s or boys’ trousers and breeches of artificial fibres, with thermal lining, playsuit 人纤制男式长裤、马裤;带防寒衬里,游戏装

    No.10941  8452290000 Other non-automatic sewing machines(other than of household type) 其他非自动缝纫机;家用型除外

    No.1023  0905100000 Vanilla, neither crushed nor ground 未磨的香子兰豆;



    No.11455  8504409960 Modular electric pulse generator (output current>101A in 16ms; sealed in dust-proof cover; with a wide temperature range) 模块式电脉冲发生器;在15ms内输出电流>100A,密封在防尘罩内,温宽范围大


    No.1022  0904220000 Fruits of the genus Capsicum or of the genus Pimenta, crushed or ground 已磨辣椒;



    No.2616  2905590030 Bronopol(BAN) 溴硝醇;

    No.1928  2615901000 Hydrated Tantalum/Niobium materials or enriched materials from Tantalum/Niobium Ore 水合钽铌原料;钽铌矿富集物

    No.2862  2918140000 Citric acid 柠檬酸;



    No.10033  8207201000 Dies for drawing or extruding metal , with working part of natural or synthetic diamonds or cubic boron nitride 带金刚石等工作部件的金属拉拔模;金刚石等包括立方氮化硼,本子目包括金属挤压用模

    No.1913  2605000090 Cobalt ores and concentrates(part of the non-gold value) 钴矿砂及其精矿;非黄金价值部分

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