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  • Import Commodity Customs Supervision and CIQ Inspection Requirements:
  • No. HS Code Commodity English Name Commodity Chinese Name Customs Supervision Code CIQ Inspection Code Application Guide
    No.1503  1701120001 Raw beet sugar, without added flavouring or colouring matter(in-quota) 未加香料或着色剂的甜菜原糖;按重量计干燥状态的糖含量低于旋光读数99.5度(配额内)



    No.8787  6305390000 Other sacks and bags of man-made fibres, used for the packing of goods, 其他化学纤维制货物包装袋;

    No.1655  2008993200 Sea tangle,salted 盐腌海带;



    No.11744  8525802200 Single lens reflex digital cameras, not for special purposes 非特种用途的单镜头反光型数字照相机;

    No.6980  5801260090 Other chenille fabrics of cotton(other than fabrics of heading No. 58.02 or 58.06) 其他棉制绳绒织物;品目5802或5806的织物除外

    No.435  0305440010 Smoked marbled eels(Anguilla marmorata)and its fillets,other than edible fish offal 熏制花鳗鲡及鱼片;食用杂碎除外



    No.4499  3917320000 Other, not reinforced or otherwise combined with other materials, without fittings 其他未装有附件的塑料制管子;未经加强也未与其他材料合制

    No.6930  5607490090 Other twine, cordage, ropes and cables of polyethylene or polypropylene (plaited or braided, and impregnated, coated, covered or sheathed, with rubber or plastics) 其他聚乙烯或聚丙烯制线绳索缆;已编织或编结,可用橡胶或塑料浸渍、涂布,包覆,套裹

    No.785  0709999003 Bok Choy, fresh or chilled 鲜或冷藏的小白菜;



    No.11964  8543300090 Other electroplating, electrolyzing or electrophoresis equipments and appratuses 其他电镀、电解或电泳设备及装置;

    No.2517  2903772012 Trichloro trifluoro ethanes(CFC-113), other than used in cleaner 三氯三氟乙烷,用于清洗剂除外;CFC-113


    No.11766  8527290000 Other radio-broadcast receivers not capable of operating without an external source of power, of a kind used in motor vehicles 需外接电源汽车用无线电收音机;

    No.11768  8527920000 Radio-broadcas receivers Not combined with sound recording or reproducing apparatus but combined with a clock 带时钟的收音机;

    No.11068  8463102000 Wiredrawing machines for metal or cermets 金属及金属陶瓷的拔丝机;

    No.2312  2841610000 Potassium permanganate 高锰酸钾;



    No.483  0306241000 Crabs for cultivation 蟹种苗;



    No.10065  8211930000 Knives having other than fixed blades 刃面不固定的刀;

    No.1613  2005995000 Chueh tsai(fiddle-head), salted 咸蕨菜;



    No.4498  3917310000 Flexible tubes, pipes and hoses, having a minimum burst pressure of 27.6 MPa 塑料制的软管;最小爆破压力为27.6MPa

    No.2213  2827391000 Lithium chloride 氯化锂;

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