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  • Import Commodity Customs Supervision and CIQ Inspection Requirements:
  • No. HS Code Commodity English Name Commodity Chinese Name Customs Supervision Code CIQ Inspection Code Application Guide
    No.9620  7318159090 Other screws and bolts(whether or not with their nuts or washers) 其他螺钉及螺栓;不论是否带有螺母或垫圈

    No.8646  6302319100 Other bed sheets of cotton 棉制其他床单;

    No.2715  2912500090 Other cyclic polymers of aldehydes 其他环聚醛;

    No.999  0813500000 Mixtures of nuts or dried fruits of this Chapter , other than that of headings No.08.01 to 08.06 本章的什锦坚果或干果;品目0801至0806的干果除外



    No.218  0301911000 Fry of trout (Salmo trutta, Oncorhynchus my kiss, Oncorhynchus clarki, Oncorhynchus aguabonita,Oncorhynchus gilae, Oncor hynchus apache and Oncohynchus chrysogaster) 鳟鱼(河鳟、虹鳟、克拉克大麻哈鱼、阿瓜大麻哈鱼、吉雨大麻哈鱼、亚利桑那大麻哈鱼、金腹大麻哈鱼)的鱼苗;



    No.9640  7321110000 Stoves, ranges, grates, cookers , for gas fuel or for both gas and other fuels 可使用气体燃料的家用炉灶;


    No.216  0301190010 Other ornamental endangered fish(other than freshwater) 观赏用濒危非淡水鱼;



    No.7733  6110909046 Women’s or girls’ pullovers, cardigans, waistcoats and similar articles, of other textile materials, piled, knitted or crocheted, man-made fibres limit in, other than made by flat-bed machine, directly knitted pattern 其他纺材针织或钩编起绒女套头衫等;化纤限内,包括开襟衫、马甲及类似品,但平床机生产、直接针织成形除外

    No.2197  2826199010 Potassium fluoride 氟化钾;



    No.1326  1302199099 Other vegetable saps and extracts 其他植物液汁及浸膏;



    No.13002  9403900010 Parts of furnitures, used in kitchens of airplanes 飞机内厨房家具零件;

    No.4298  3815110000 With nickel or nickel compounds as the active substance 以镍为活性物的载体催化剂;包括以镍化合物为活性物的

    No.12251  8708295300 Bonnets of the motor vehicles of headings No. 87.01 to 87.05 发动机罩盖;


    No.13016  9404904000 Articles of bedding and similar furnishing Stuffed with man-made fibres 化纤棉填充的其他寝具及类似品;

    No.2729  2914391000 Acetophenone 苯乙酮;

    No.10087  8301700000 Keys presented separately 钥匙;

    No.1426  1602329200 Other prepared or preserved chicken leg meat (other than that of chapter 2,3) 其他方法制作或保藏的鸡腿肉;第2、3章所列方法制作或保藏的除外



    No.3979  3205000000 Colour lakes; preparations as specified in Note 3 to this Chapter based on colour lakes 色淀及以色淀为基本成分的制品;



    No.9564  7307210000 Flanges of stainless steel 不锈钢制法兰;

    No.11371  8486909100 Sputtering target assembly with rear panel 带背板的溅射靶材组件;

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