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Import Supervision of China  
Customs Supervision Documentations CIQ Supervision of Inspection Quarantine
• Necessary documentations required by China Customs and China Entry-exit Inspection Quarantine Bureau (CIQ)
• Documentation's Issuing authorities, legal basis, application dossiers, procedure, cost, time and guide etc.
• Detail information about the regulation and import requirements
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  • Import Commodity Customs Supervision and CIQ Inspection Requirements:
  • No. HS Code Commodity English Name Commodity Chinese Name Customs Supervision Code CIQ Inspection Code Application Guide
    No.8997  6813810000 Brake linings and pads with a basis of asbestos, of other mineral substances or of cellulose 其他闸衬、闸垫;其他矿物或纤维素为基本成分的摩擦材料所制

    No.11071  8463300000 Machines for working metal or cermets wire 金属或金属陶瓷丝的加工机;

    No.1138  1106100000 Flour, meal and powder of the dried leguminous vegetables of heading No.07.13 干豆细粉、粗粉及粉末;干豆仅指品目0713所列的干豆



    No.13077  9506610000 Lawn-tennis balls 草地网球;

    No.5418  4819600000 Box files, letter trays, storage boxes and simiar articles, of a kind used in offices, shops or the like 纸卷宗盒、信件、盘存储盒及类似品;办公室,商店及类似场所使用的

    No.2386  2846901930 Gadolinium oxide 氧化钆;



    No.11846  8533100000 Fixed carbon resistors, composition or film types 合成或薄膜式固定碳质电阻器;

    No.4249  3806101000 Rosin 松香;包括松香渣

    No.10601  8427209000 Other fork-lift trucks; other works trucks fitted with lifting or handling equipment, self-propelled 其他机动叉车及有升降装置工作车;包括装有搬运装置的机动工作车



    No.9650  7322900000 Other air heaters and hot air distributors(including distributors which can also distribute fresh or conditioned air),and parts thereof, not electrically heated 非电热空气加热器、暖气分布器;包括零件

    No.10937  8452211000 automatic Flatseam of non household type 非家用自动平缝机;

    No.466  0306150000 Norway lobsters(Nephrops norvegicus), frozen 冻挪威海鳌虾;



    No.4616  4002991100 Other synthetic, in primary forms 其他初级形状的合成橡胶;

    No.9204  7108200000 Unwrought gold for monetary use(including gold plated with platinum) 货币用未锻造金(包括镀铂的金);


    No.127  0203190010 Other meat of wild swine, fresh or chilled 其他鲜或冷藏的野猪肉;



    No.8878  6405101000 Other footwear with outer soles of rubber, plastics, leather or composition leather and uppers of composition leather 再生皮革制面的,橡胶、塑料、皮革及再生皮革制外底的其他鞋靴;

    No.7751  6111200050 Other knitted or crocheted babies’ garments of cotton 棉制针织钩编婴儿其他服装;



    No.2203  2826902000 ---Lithium Hexafluoroarsenate 六氟磷酸锂;

    No.11635  8517623290 Other kinds of ethernet switches for non-optical communication 其他非光通讯以太网络交换机;

    No.10017  8204110000 Non-adjustable hand-operated spanners and wrenches 固定式的手动扳手及板钳;

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