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    • Necessary documentations required by China Customs and China Entry-exit Inspection Quarantine Bureau (CIQ)
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  • Import Commodity Customs Supervision and CIQ Inspection Requirements:
  • No. HS Code Commodity English Name Commodity Chinese Name Customs Supervision Code CIQ Inspection Code Application Guide
    No.4112  3405400000 Scouring pastes and Powders and other Scouring preparations 擦洗膏、去污粉及类似品;

    No.3163  2926909050 Phoxim 辛硫磷;


    No.3447  2933790090 Other lactams 其他内酰胺;

    No.1525  1702900090 Other sugars in solid form, caramel, including invert sugar, (containing in the dry state 50% by weight of fructose) 其他固体糖,焦糖;包括转化糖及按重量计干燥状态果糖含量50%的糖、糖浆



    No.11631  8517622910 Encrypted optical communication routers 光通讯加密路由器;



    No.2056  2804500090 Other boron 其他硼;

    No.10718  8436210000 Poultry incubators and brooders 家禽孵卵器及育雏器;

    No.4367  3824909901 Titanium slag (containing more than 70% by weight of titanium dioxide) 高钛渣;二氧化钛质量百分含量>70%的

    No.10105  8306300000 Photograph, picture or similar frames; mirrors 相框,画框及类似框架,镜子;

    No.9684  7403120000 Wire-bars of refined copper , unwrought 精炼铜的线锭;未锻轧的

    No.11546  8513101000 Portable electric torches designed to function by dry batteries 手电筒;

    No.2823  2916399012 2,3,6-TBA,methachlorphenprop 草芽畏、燕麦酯;


    No.8971  6808000000 Panels, boards, tiles, blocks and similar articles of vegetable fibre, of straw or of shavings, chips, particles, sawdust or other waste, of wood, agglomerated with cement, plaster or other mineral binders 镶板,平板,瓦,砖及类似品;以水泥等矿物为材料将植物纤维,稻草,刨花等粘合而成

    No.3944  3105200090 Mineral or chemical fertilizers containing the three fertilizing elements nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium, out-of-quota 化学肥料或矿物肥料;配额外,含氮、磷、钾三种肥效元素



    No.2715  2912500090 Other cyclic polymers of aldehydes 其他环聚醛;

    No.9610  7317000000 Nails, tacks, drawing pins, corrugated nails, staples(other than those of heading No.83.05)and similar articles, of iron or steel, whether or not with heads of other material, but excluding such articles with heads of copper 铁钉、图钉、平头钉及类似品;不论钉头是否用其他材料制成,但不包括铜头钉

    No.3746  3002909019 Other human or animal blood products 其他人血制品、动物血制品;



    No.1575  2002109000 Other tomatoes, whole or in pieces,prepared or preserved otherwise than by vinegar or acetic acid 非用醋制作的其他整个或切片番茄;



    No.2593  2905199090 Other saturated monohydric alcohols 其他饱和一元醇;

    No.4977  4407299011 Ramin wood sawn or chipped lengthwise, sliced or peeled, not end-jointed, of a thickness exceeding 6mm 端部接合拉敏木厚板材;经纵锯、纵切、刨切或旋切的,厚度超过6mm



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