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  • Import Commodity Customs Supervision and CIQ Inspection Requirements:
  • No. HS Code Commodity English Name Commodity Chinese Name Customs Supervision Code CIQ Inspection Code Application Guide
    No.3944  3105200090 Mineral or chemical fertilizers containing the three fertilizing elements nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium, out-of-quota 化学肥料或矿物肥料;配额外,含氮、磷、钾三种肥效元素



    No.6905  5603929000 Other nonwovens, weighing more than 25g/㎡but not more than 70g/㎡ 25<每平米重≤70克其他无纺布;

    No.2715  2912500090 Other cyclic polymers of aldehydes 其他环聚醛;

    No.7082  5901901030 Prepared painting canvas, mixed with polyester staple fibres and cotton, containing 50% or more by weight, bleached, dyed or printed 聚酯短纤与棉混纺织物制油画;织物重≥50%经漂白染色印花等加工

    No.10977  8455300000 Rolls for metal rolling mills 金属轧机用轧辊;

    No.11247  8479894000 Bundle and printed matter sorting machines used in post offices 其他邮政用包裹、印刷品分拣设备;



    No.4389  3901100001 Polyethylene having a specific gravity of less than 0.94, in primary forms, import CIF price is more than 3800 U.S. dollars / ton, in primary forms 初级形状比重<0.94的聚乙烯;进口CIF价高于3800美元/吨

    No.6915  5604100000 Rubber thread and cord, textile covered 用纺织材料包覆的橡胶线及绳;

    No.11212  8477201000 Plastic pelletizers 塑料造粒机;

    No.2194  2826192010 Sodium fluoride 氟化钠;



    No.5739  5208520093 Plain cheese cloth of cotton, printing, weighing more than 100 g/㎡, not more than 200g/㎡, containing 85% or more by weight of cotton 印花的全棉平纹奶酪布;100g<每平方米重量≤200g,含棉85%及以上



    No.13171  9615190090 Combs, hair-slides of horns and the like, of other materials(other than articles of rubber or plastics materials) 其他材料制梳子、角质发夹等;包括类似品,但橡胶、塑料制的除外

    No.1852  2519901000 Fused magnesia 熔凝镁氧矿;电熔镁,包括喷补料


    No.9039  6911900000 Other household articles and toilet articles, of porcelain or china: 其他家用或盥洗用瓷器;

    No.5548  5104001000 Garnetted stock of wool 羊毛的回收纤维;



    No.12463  8903920001 Motor boats, length: 8m-90m, other than outboard motorboats 8米<长度<90米的汽艇;装有舷外发动机的除外

    No.11578  8516101000 Electric storage waterheaters 储存式电热水器;



    No.6470  5503200000 Staple fibres of polyesters, not carded and combed(including those without additional processing before spinning) 未梳的聚酯短纤;包括未经其他纺前加工的

    No.1021  0904210000 Fruits of the genus Capsicum or of the genus Pimenta, neither crushed nor ground 干且未磨辣椒;



    No.11546  8513101000 Portable electric torches designed to function by dry batteries 手电筒;

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