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Import Supervision of China  
Customs Supervision Documentations CIQ Supervision of Inspection Quarantine
• Necessary documentations required by China Customs and China Entry-exit Inspection Quarantine Bureau (CIQ)
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  • Import Commodity Customs Supervision and CIQ Inspection Requirements:
  • No. HS Code Commodity English Name Commodity Chinese Name Customs Supervision Code CIQ Inspection Code Application Guide
    No.3094  2924199090 Other cyclic amidesi(ncluding acyclic carbamates )and their derivatives; salts thereof 其他无环酰胺(包括无环氨基甲酸酯);包括其衍生物及其盐

    No.11538  8512201000 Lighting equipment of a kind used for motor vehicles 机动车辆用照明装置;

    No.10104  8306299000 Other statuettes and other ornaments, of base metal 其他雕塑像及其他装饰品;贱金属制

    No.706  0602901000 Mushroom spawn 蘑菇菌丝;



    No.4541  3920991000 Plates, sheets, film, foil and strip, of polytetrafluoroethylene, non-cellular, not reinforced, supported or similarly combined with other materials 聚四氟乙烯制非泡沫塑料板,片,箔;含膜及扁条,未用其他材料层压,支撑或类似方法合制

    No.4517  3920209090 Plates, sheets, film, foil and strip, of polymers of propylene, non-cellular and not reinforced, laminated, supported or similarly combined with other materials not for agricultural use 非泡沫丙烯聚合物板,片,膜,箔及扁条;未用其他材料强化,层压,支撑或用类似方法合制,非农用

    No.5473  5003001100 Spoiled cocoon, husks, frison, frigon, not carded or combed 未梳的下茧、茧衣、长吐、滞头;



    No.11264  8479899990 Machines and mechanical appliances having individual functions, not specified or included elsewhere in this Chapte 本章其他未列名机器及机械器具;具有独立功能的



    No.9188  7104909900 Other synthetic or reconstructed precious or semi-precious stones not for technical use(not strung, mounted or set) 其他非工业用合成宝石或半宝石;未成串或镶嵌

    No.10478  8419909000 Other parts of machines for the treatment of materials by a process involving a change of temperature such as heating 品目8419的机器设备用零件;其他利用温度变化处理材料的机器等用零件

    No.12663  9018390000 Catheters, cannulae and the like 导管、插管及类似品;



    No.9155  7020009990 Other articles of glass not for technical use 其他非工业用玻璃制品;

    No.12313  8708809000 Suspension systems (including shock-ab-sorber) and parts thereof for Other vehicles 其他机动车辆用的悬挂系统(包括减震器)及其零件;


    No.8626  6301400000 Blankets and travelling rugs of synthetic fibres 合纤制毯子及旅行毯;

    No.13096  9508900000 Other fairground amusements; travelling theatres 其他游乐场娱乐设备;流动剧团;



    No.8821  6307900090 Other made up articles, not specified, of other textile materials 纺织材料制未列名制品;

    No.9847  7616991090 Other articles of aluminium, for technical use, excluding cloth, grill, netting and fencing, of aluminium wire 其他工业用铝制品;不包括铝丝布、网、格栅及栅栏

    No.4061  3302900000 Other mixtures of odoriferous substances and mixtures with a basis of one or more of these substances, of a kind used as raw materials in industry 其他工业用混合香料及香料混合物;以一种或多种香料为基本成分的混合物

    No.10092  8302420000 Other mountings, fittings and similar articles suitable suitable for furniture 家具用贱金属配件及架座;

    No.10525  8422301090 Other filling equipments for beverages and liquid food 其他饮料及液体食品灌装设备;



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