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  • Import Commodity Customs Supervision and CIQ Inspection Requirements:
  • No. HS Code Commodity English Name Commodity Chinese Name Customs Supervision Code CIQ Inspection Code Application Guide
    No.11456  8504409970 High speed electric locomotive traction converter(for(200km/h)electric locomotive 高速(200km/h及以上)电力机车的牵引变流器;用于(200KM/h)电力机车

    No.2909  2919900036 Fosetyl-aluminium, phosphonoacetic acid 三乙膦酸铝、乙膦酸;


    No.9244  7113209090 Other jewellery and parts thereof, of base metal clading with precious metal 其他以贱金属为底的包贵金属制首饰;包括零件

    No.2910  2919900037 Phosdiphen, grasskilling phosphate 氯瘟磷、伐草磷;


    No.13011  9404901010 Articles of bedding and similar furnishing, stuffed with feathers or down of endangered wild birds 濒危野禽羽绒或羽毛填充其他寝具;含类似品


    No.5552  5105100090 Carded wool, out-of-quota 粗梳羊毛;配额外



    No.11480  8506101990 其他含汞碱性锌锰的原电池及原电池组;汞含量≥电池重量的0.0001%



    No.4179  3702311000 Instant print film in rolls, for colour photography(polychrome)without perforations, sensitized, unexposed(of a width not exceeding 105mm) 未曝光无齿孔彩色窄一次成像感光卷片;窄胶卷指宽度≤105mm,彩色摄影用

    No.4284  3810100000 Pickling preparations for metal surfaces; soldering, brazing or welding powders and pastes consisting of metal and other materials 金属表面酸洗剂焊粉或焊膏;金属及其他材料制成的焊粉或焊膏

    No.4167  3701302200 Unexposed precoated sensitized plate(with any side exceeding 255mm) 未曝光照相制版用PS版;任何一边>255mm

    No.11386  8501330000 Other DC motors, DC generators Of an output exceeding 75kW but not exceeding 75KW<输出功率≤375KW的直流电动机,发电机;

    No.4319  3824100000 Prepared binders for foundry moulds or cores 铸模及铸芯用粘合剂;

    No.4164  3701100000 Unexposed photographic plates and film in the flat, sensitized, for X-ray 未曝光的X光感光硬片及平面软片;

    No.4325  3824600000 Sorbitol other than that of subheading No.2905.44 子目号290544以外的山梨醇;

    No.2864  2918160000 Gluconic acid, its salts and esters 葡糖酸及其盐和酯;

    No.397  0304690090 Frozen fillets of carp(Cyprinus carpio, Carassius carassius, Ctenopharyngodon idellus, Hypophthalmichthys spp., Cirrhinus spp., Mylopharyngodon piceus),eels(Anguilla spp.)and snakeheads(Channa spp.) 冻的鲤科鱼(西鲤、黑鯽、草鱼、鲢属、鲮属、青鱼)、其他鳗鱼(鳗鲡属)及黑鱼(鳢属)的鱼片;



    No.11314  8482990000 Other parts of ball or roller bearings 滚动轴承的其他零件;

    No.11432  8504331000 Mutual inductor, 16kVA<power handling capacity≤500KVA 16KVA<额定容量≤500KVA互感器;

    No.13123  9603901090 Other feather dusters 其他羽毛掸;



    No.13202  9801300000 Currency notes in circulation (including paper money and coins) 流通中的货币现钞;包括纸币及硬币


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