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  • Import Commodity Customs Supervision and CIQ Inspection Requirements:
  • No. HS Code Commodity English Name Commodity Chinese Name Customs Supervision Code CIQ Inspection Code Application Guide
    No.12564  9007920000 Parts and accessories For projectors 电影放映机用零件、附件;

    No.10856  8445204900 Other Ring Spinning Frame 其他环锭细纱机;



    No.4939  4405000000 Wood wool; wood flour 木丝及木粉;



    No.4857  4301801090 Raw furskins of rabbit or hare, whole (with or without head, tail or paws) 整张生兔皮;不论是否带头,尾或爪



    No.12388  8714200000 Parts and accessoris Of carriages for disabled persons 残疾人车辆用零件、附件;


    No.3159  2926909037 Flucythrinate, brofluthrinate, brofenvalerate 氟氰戊菊酯、溴氟菊酯、溴灭菊酯;


    No.4862  4301909090 Other heads or tails(including paws and other pieces or cuttings)of animals, not tanned nor dressed, suitable for furriers’ use 适合加工皮货用的其他未鞣头、尾;包括爪及其他块、片



    No.5401  4814900090 Other wallpaper and similar wall coverings; window transparencies of paper 其他壁纸及类似品,窗用透明纸;

    No.9911  8105201000 Intermediate products of cobalt metallurgy by wet process 钴湿法冶炼中间品;


    No.12449  8901902200 Motor container vessels Capable loading standard containers more than 6000 可载6000标准箱以上的集装箱船;

    No.7103  5903102090 Other imitation leather, impregnated, coated, covered or laminated with poly 用聚氯乙烯浸渍的其他人造革;包括用聚氯乙烯涂布, 包覆或层压的

    No.4986  4407920010 Beech(Fagus spp.)wood sawn or chipped lengthwise, sliced or peeled, end-jointed, of a thickness exceeding 6mm 端部接合的山毛榉木厚板材;经纵锯、纵切、刨切或旋切的,厚度超过6mm



    No.9695  7406103000 Powders of non-lamellar structure , of copper-zinc base alloys(brass) 铜锌合金(黄铜)制非片状粉末;

    No.9913  8105209001 Cobalt mattes and other intermediate products of cobalt metallurgy 钴锍及其他冶炼钴时所得中间产品;


    No.7078  5901109010 Textile fabrics,containing 50% or more by weight of combed wool or fine animal hair, coated with gum or amylaceous substances, used for the outer covers of books or the like 用胶或淀粉涂布的精梳毛纺织物;书籍封面及类似用途,精梳羊毛或动物细毛织物重≥50%

    No.12435  8901109000 Other non-motor cruise ships, non-motor excursion boats and non-motor ferry-boats of all kinds(including similar vessels principally designed for the transport of persons) 非机动巡航船、游览船及各式渡船;以及主要用于客运的类似船舶

    No.7113  5903201090 Other insulating cloth or tape, impregnated, coated, covered or laminated with polyurethane 聚氨基甲酸酯浸渍其他绝缘布或带;包括用聚氨基甲酸酯涂布, 包覆或层压的

    No.7114  5903202010 Imitation leather, bonded with layers of parallel textile yarns of man-made fibres, impregnated, containing 60% or less by weight of plastics 若干层平行纱线粘合化纤人造革;聚氨基甲酸酯浸渍涂布,包覆层压,塑料≤60%

    No.2344  2843100000 Colloidal precious metals 胶态贵金属;

    No.977  0811909022 Other endangered pine-nuts, whether or not in shell 冷冻的其他濒危松子;不论是否去壳或去皮



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