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• Necessary documentations required by China Customs and China Entry-exit Inspection Quarantine Bureau (CIQ)
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  • Import Commodity Customs Supervision and CIQ Inspection Requirements:
  • No. HS Code Commodity English Name Commodity Chinese Name Customs Supervision Code CIQ Inspection Code Application Guide
    No.7921  6201921000 Men’s or boys’ anoraks padded with feathers or down,of cotton, including ski-jackets, wind-cheaters, wind-jackets and similar articles 棉制男式羽绒防寒短上衣、防风衣;包括羽绒滑雪短上衣、防风短上衣及类似品

    No.11122  8469001100 Word-processing machines (other than printers of heading No.84.43) 文字处理机;品目8443的打印机除外

    No.9822  7608100000 Tubes and pipes , of aluminium, not alloyed 纯铝管;

    No.7240  6005340010 Warp knitted openwork fabrics of synthetic fibers, printed(including those made on galloon knitting machines) 印花合成纤维制经编透孔织物;包括由花边针织机织成的经编织物

    No.3565  2935009033 N- ethyl perfluorooctane sulfonamide, N- methyl perfluorooctyl sulfonamide, N- ethyl -N- (2- hydroxyethyl) perfluorooctanesulfonamide, N- (2- hydroxyethyl) -N- methyl perfluorooctyl sulfonamide N-乙基全氟辛基磺酰胺、N-甲基全氟辛基磺酰胺、N-乙基-N-(2-羟乙基)全氟辛基磺酰胺、N-(2-羟乙基)-N-甲基全氟辛基磺酰胺;


    No.1958  2620999020 Slag, ash and residues from the manufacture of copper, containing more than 10% of copper 含铜大于10%的铜冶炼转炉渣及火法精炼渣、其他铜冶炼渣;



    No.9411  7217309000 Wire of iron or non-alloy steel,plated or coated with other base metals 镀或涂其他贱金属的铁或非合金钢丝;

    No.7429  6104390043 Women’s or girls’ knitted jackets and blazers, of other textile materials, man-made fibres limit in 其他纺织材料制针织女上衣;化纤限内

    No.8454  6211209021 Ski suits of man-made fibres(including ski shorts or non water-proof ski pants) 含滑雪短裤或不防水滑雪裤的化纤制滑雪套装;

    No.10644  8430200000 Snow-ploughs and snow-blowers 扫雪机及吹雪机;

    No.11052  8462311000 Shearing lengthwise machines(including presses), numerically controlled, for working metal, other than combined punching and shearing machines 加工金属的数控板带纵剪机;冲剪两用机除外

    No.8869  6403919910 Short boots with uppers of leather of other wild animals, covering the ankle, outer soles of rubber or plastic or composition leather, other than sports footwear 其他濒危野生皮革制面的短筒靴(过踝);橡胶、塑料、再生皮革制外底,运动用靴除外


    No.1414  1601001090 Sausages and similar products of meat,meat offal or blood of other aminals, with natural casing 其他动物肉,杂碎及血制天然肠衣香肠;包括类似品



    No.810  0711519000 Other Mushrooms of the genus Agaricus, provisionally preserved( in other preservative solutions, but unsuitable in that state for immediate consumption) 暂时保藏的其他伞菌属蘑菇;不适于直接食用的



    No.3118  2924299035 Methyldymron, difenoxuron, mebenil etc(including chlortoluron, chlorpropham, flamprop-methyl, flamprop-isopropyl) 甲基杀草隆、枯莠隆、邻酰胺等;包括氯苯胺灵、麦草氟甲酯、麦草氟异丙酯


    No.6291  5403410000 Yarn of viscose rayon, multiple(folded)or cabled, not for retail sale, including textured filament yarn 非零售粘胶长丝多股纱线或缆线;包括变形纱线

    No.7960  6202139040 Women’s or girls’ hooded parka, of man-made fibres, containing less than 36% by weight of wool or fine animal hair, including wind-cheaters,wind-jackets and similar articles 化纤制女式连风帽派克大衣;含羊/动物细毛<36%,含带风帽防寒上衣、防风衣及类似品

    No.6289  5403390010 Other single yarn of artificial filaments, single filament /multi- filament single yarn, untwisted or with a twist less than 5 turns per meter, not for retail sale, including textured filament yarn 非零售其他人纤长丝单纱;单丝/未捻或捻度每米5转以下的复丝单纱, 非供零售用,包括变形纱线

    No.4164  3701100000 Unexposed photographic plates and film in the flat, sensitized, for X-ray 未曝光的X光感光硬片及平面软片;

    No.7872  6117102000 Knitted or crocheted shawls,scarves, mufflers,mantillas,veils,and the like , of wool 羊毛制披巾、头巾、围巾、披纱、面纱及类似品;针织或钩编

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