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    • Necessary documentations required by China Customs and China Entry-exit Inspection Quarantine Bureau (CIQ)
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  • Import Commodity Customs Supervision and CIQ Inspection Requirements:
  • No. HS Code Commodity English Name Commodity Chinese Name Customs Supervision Code CIQ Inspection Code Application Guide
    No.8672  6302409090 Non hand-worked table linen of other textile materials, knitted or crocheted 其他纺织材料制餐桌用织物制品;针织或钩编的,非手工

    No.8673  6302511000 Other embroidered table linen of cotton 棉制刺绣其他餐桌用织物制品;

    No.6894  5603121000 Nonwovens of man-made filaments, Impregnated, coated, covered or laminated, weighing more than 25g/㎡but not more than 70g/㎡ 25<每平米重≤70克浸渍长丝无纺布;浸渍包括涂布、包覆或压层;长丝指化纤长丝

    No.1111  1102901990 Other rice flour(out-of-quota) 其他大米细粉;配额外



    No.8674  6302519000 Other table linen of cotton 棉制其他餐桌用织物制品;

    No.12495  9001909010 光通信用微光组件的光学元件;包括波长800-1700nm薄膜滤光片、自聚焦透镜、法拉第旋转片

    No.2653  2907230090 Salts of bisphenol-A (4, 4’- Isopropylidene- diphenol) 双酚A的盐;4,4-异亚丙基联苯酚的盐

    No.8145  6204199019 Women’s or girls’ suits of artificial fibres 其他人造纤维制女式西服套装;

    No.3071  2922502000 Ractopamine and ractopamine hydrochloride 莱克多巴胺和盐酸莱克多巴胺;


    No.10906  8449001001 High-speed needle-punching machines, stroke frequency >2000 times / min 高速针刺机,针刺频率>2000次/分钟;

    No.9174  7103910000 Rubies, sapphires and emeralds(not strung, mounted or set) 经其他加工的红宝石,蓝宝石,祖母绿;未成串或镶嵌

    No.1204  1210200000 Hop cones, ground, powdered or in the form of pellets, fresh or dried; lupulin 已研磨或制成团粒的啤酒花;包括蛇麻腺,鲜或干的



    No.4790  4107920010 Leather further prepared after tanning or crusting, including parchment-dressed leather ,of engangered wild bovine or equine animals, other than whole hides and skins, grain, split 粒面剖层非整张濒危野牛马皮革;经鞣制或半硝后进一步加工,羊皮纸化处理


    No.10900  8448492000 Weft insertion and let-off motions 引纬、送经装置;

    No.6687  5515120021 Other poplin and fine plain fabrics, mixed mainly or solely with man-made filaments, containing less than 85% by weight of polyester staple fibres 其他聚酯短纤府绸或细平布;聚酯短纤含量在85%以下,与化纤长丝混纺

    No.3782  3004109000 Other medicaments consisting of penicillins or streptomycins(put up in measured doses or in forms or packings for retail sale) 已配剂量含有青霉素或链霉素药品;包括制成零售包装


    No.11886  8537109001 Control cabinet for elevators (electric cabinet) and printed circuit boards for control cabinets ((for the circuit with its voltage no more than 1000V) 电梯用控制柜及控制柜专用印刷电路板;电压不超过1000伏的线路

    No.12823  9032891200 Train borne devices for automatic train operation system (ATO) 列车自动运行系统(ATO)车载设备;

    No.10970  8455211000 Other metal Sheet mills, hot-rolled 其他金属板材热轧机;


    No.9328  7208399000 Flat-rolled products of iron or non-alloy steel, in coils, of a thickness of 1.5mm or more but not exceeding 3mm ,of a width of 600 mm or more,not clad, plated or coated 1.5mm≤厚<3mm的其他热轧卷材;除热轧外未进一步加工宽≥600mm,未包、镀、涂层



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