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  • Import Commodity Customs Supervision and CIQ Inspection Requirements:
  • No. HS Code Commodity English Name Commodity Chinese Name Customs Supervision Code CIQ Inspection Code Application Guide
    No.3164  2926909060 Cyflumetofen 丁氟螨酯;


    No.4621  4004000020 Vulcanized rubber waste and scrap, and powders and granules obtained therefrom(other than hard rubber) 硫化橡胶废碎料、下脚料及其粉、粒(硬质橡胶的除外);不包括符合GB/T19208标准的硫化橡胶粉产品


    No.1875  2525100000 Crude mica and mica rifted into sheets or splittings 原状云母及劈开的云母片;

    No.5325  4803000000 Toilet or facial tissue stock, towel or napkin stock and similar paper of a kind used for household or sanitary purposes(if in strips or in rolls, the width is more than 36cm; f in sheets, one side is more than 36cm, the other side is more than 15cm) 卫生纸、面巾纸、餐巾纸及类似纸;成条或成卷宽>36cm,或一边>36cm,一边>15cm的成张矩形



    No.9321  7208271000 In coils, of a thickness of less than 1.5mm,of a width of 600 mm or more,not clad, plated or coated 厚度<1.5mm其他的热轧卷材;经酸洗,宽≥600mm,未包、镀、涂层



    No.5330  4804210000 Uncoated Sack kraft paper, unbleached, in rolls or sheets 未漂白的袋用牛皮纸;成卷或成张的及未经涂布的

    No.5297  4706300090 Other pulps of fibres derived from bamboo(including mechanical pulp, chemical pulp, semi-chemical pulp) 其他纤维状纤维素竹浆(包括机械浆、化学浆、半化学浆);

    No.10379  8415102290 Other air conditioning machines, including those machines in which the humidity cannot be separately regulated , split-system ,window or wall types, of a refrigerating effect exceeding 12046 Cal per hour 其他制冷量>12046大卡/时(14000W)分体式空调,窗式或壁式;装有电扇及调温、调湿装置,包括不能单独调湿的空调器



    No.8761  6304913920 Other non hand-worked crocheted furnishing articles of wool or fine animal hair 毛制非手工钩编的其他装饰制品;羊毛或动物细毛制

    No.59  0106139090 Other endangered camels and camelids (including domesticated and artificially propagated) 其他骆驼及其他骆驼科动物;



    No.11172  8472902900 Other stapling machines used in office 其他装订用办公室机器;

    No.12476  8907100000 Inflatable rafts 充气筏;

    No.9259  7117110000 Cuff-links and studs of base metal ,whether or not plated with precious metal 贱金属制袖扣、饰扣;不论是否镀贵金属



    No.6935  5607909090 Twine, cordage, ropes and cables of other textile materials(plaited or braided ,impregnated ,coated, covered or sheathed, with rubber or plastics) 其他纺织材料制线,绳,索,缆;可编织或编结,可用橡胶或塑料浸渍、涂布,包覆,套裹

    No.1189  1208900000 Flours and meals of other oil seeds or oleaginous fruits, other than those of mustard 其他含油子仁或果实的细粉及粗粉;芥子粉除外



    No.6933  5607901000 Twine, cordage, ropes and cables of abaca(manila hemp or muse texti lis nee)or other hard(leaf) fibres , plaited or braided, impregnated, coated, covered or sheathed, with rubber or plastics 蕉麻或硬质(叶)纤维制线,绳,索,缆;可编织或编结,可用橡胶或塑料浸渍、涂布,包覆,套裹

    No.62  0106149010 Other endangered hares (including domesticated and artificially propagated) 其他濒危野兔;包括人工驯养、繁殖的



    No.2497  2903299010 1, 1-dichloroethylene 1,1-二氯乙烯;


    No.12895  9114300000 Dials 钟面或表面;

    No.10518  8421919090 Other parts for centrifugal machines 其他离心机用零件;

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