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  • Import Commodity Customs Supervision and CIQ Inspection Requirements:
  • No. HS Code Commodity English Name Commodity Chinese Name Customs Supervision Code CIQ Inspection Code Application Guide
    No.2974  2921430036 Dipropalin 地乐灵;


    No.10809  8443391200 Electrostatic photo-copying apparatus, Operting by reproducing the original image via an intermediate onto (the process)(cannot be connected to auto data processing equipment or network) 将原件通过中间体转印(间接法)的静电感光复印设备;不可与自动数据处理设备或网络连接

    No.10883  8447909000 Other machines, not specified or included in heading No.84.47(including machines for making gimped yarn, tulle or net) 品目8447其他子目未列名机器;包括制粗松螺旋花线,网眼薄纱,编织带或网的机器



    No.276  0302530000 Coalfish(Pollachius virens),fresh or chilled, excluding livers and roes 鲜或冷绿青鳕鱼;鱼肝及鱼卵除外



    No.5841  5210310015 Voiles and muslin of cotton, mixed with polyester staple fibres, dyed, weighing not more than 200g/㎡, containing less than 85% by weight of cotton, No.69 or above 染色与聚酯短纤混纺棉巴里纱;每平米重≤200克,69号及以上,含棉85%以下,含薄细布

    No.7017  5804291090 Mechanically made lace, in pieces, in strips or in motifs, containing less than 85% by weight of silk or spun silk , other than fabrics of headings No. 60.02 丝及绢丝含量85%以下机制花边;成卷成条或成小块图案的,但品目6002的织物除外

    No.12856  9103100000 Clocks with watch movements, Electrically operated, excluding clocks heading No.91.04 以表芯装成的电子钟;不包括品目9104的钟

    No.12193  8703900004 Other passenger vehicles, of a cylinder capacity exceeding 2.5L but not exceeding 3L, with other engine(other than item 8703900014) 其他型2.5升<排气量≤3升的其他载人车辆;



    No.7013  5804103000 Tulles and other net fabrics of man-made fibres, not including woven, knitted or crocheted fabrics 化纤制网眼薄纱及其他网眼织物;不包括机织物,针织物或钩编织物

    No.8182  6204399019 Other women’s or girls’ jackets and blazers, of artificial fibres 人纤制其他女式上衣;

    No.8172  6204320090 Other women’s or girls’ jackets and blazers of cotton 棉制其他女式上衣;

    No.8186  6204399099 Women’s or girls’ jackets and blazers of other textile materials 其他材料制女式上衣;

    No.7645  6110199039 Knitted or crocheted women’s or girls’ sweater, of other fine animal hair, piled 其他动物细毛制起绒女毛衫;针织或钩编

    No.12859  9105110000 Alarm clocks, Electrically operated 电子闹钟;

    No.12189  8703336999 Complete parts of other vehicles of a cylinder capacity exceeding 4L,with compression-ignition internal combustion reciprocating piston engine 排量>4升装压燃往复式活塞内燃发动机其他载人车辆的成套散件;



    No.279  0302560000 Blue whitings(Micromesistius poutassou, Micromesistius australis),fresh or chilled, excluding livers and roes 鲜或冷蓝鳕鱼(小鳍鳕、南蓝鳕);鱼肝及鱼卵除外



    No.8209  6204599093 Women’s or girls’ skirts and divided skirts of other textile materials, man-made fibres limit in 其他材料制女式裙子及裙裤;化纤限内

    No.2441  2852900000 Other inorgnic or organic compounds of mercury , not chemically defined, excluding amalagams 其他汞的无机或有机化合物,汞齐除外,已有化学定义的除外;


    No.249  0302190090 Other salmon, fresh or chilled(excluding livers and roes) 其他鲜或冷鲑科鱼;鱼肝及鱼卵除外



    No.2627  2906199013 androst-5-ene-3α, 17α-diol, (including androst-5-ene-3α, 17β- diol) 雄甾-5-烯-3α, 17α-二醇(5-雄烯二醇(3α, 17α));包括雄甾-5-烯-3α, 17β-二醇(5-雄烯二醇(3α, 17β))


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