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Import Supervision of China  
Customs Supervision Documentations CIQ Supervision of Inspection Quarantine
• Necessary documentations required by China Customs and China Entry-exit Inspection Quarantine Bureau (CIQ)
• Documentation's Issuing authorities, legal basis, application dossiers, procedure, cost, time and guide etc.
• Detail information about the regulation and import requirements
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  • Import Commodity Customs Supervision and CIQ Inspection Requirements:
  • No. HS Code Commodity English Name Commodity Chinese Name Customs Supervision Code CIQ Inspection Code Application Guide
    No.6491  5507000000 Artificial staple fibres, carded, combed or otherwise processed for spinning 已梳的人造纤维短纤;包括经其他纺前加工的

    No.9479  7227901000 Bars and rods, hot-rolled, in irregularly wound coils, of boron alloy steel 不规则盘卷的含硼合金钢热轧条杆;



    No.9454  7224909000 Other alloy steel in ingots and other primary forms 其他合金钢坯;其他合金钢锭及其他初级形态的

    No.8601  6217900013 Parts of jackets and blazers, of wool or fine animal hair, not knitted or crocheted 毛制非针织或非钩编上衣的零件;

    No.4275  3808940010 Medical disinfectants 医用消毒剂;

    No.11066  8463101100 Cold-drawing tube benches With 300t or less, for metal or cermets 拉拔力为300吨及以下的金属冷拔管机;包括金属陶瓷的冷拔管机

    No.11065  8462999000 Other machines tools of heading No.84.62, not specified above 品目8462的其他机床;

    No.1955  2620991000 Other slag, ash and residues, Containing mainly tungsten 其他主要含钨的矿渣、矿灰及残渣;


    No.8596  6217109041 Clothing accessories of silk, not knitted or crocheted, containing 70% or more by weight of silk 丝制服装或衣着附件;指非针织非钩编,含丝70%及以上

    No.2945  2921196000 N, N-Dialkyl(Me, Et, n-Pr or i-Pr)aminoethyl-2- chlorides and correspo- nding protonated salts 二烷氨基乙基-2-氯及相应质子盐;其中烷基指甲、乙、正丙或异丙基


    No.11748  8525803200 Broadcast quality video camera recorders, not for special purposes 非特种用途的广播级视频摄录一体机;



    No.5336  4804410010 Other uncoated Krafliner paper, unbleached, in rolls or sheets, weighing more than 115g/㎡ but less than 225g/㎡(tightness 0.68g/ cm3 or more, burst index not smaller than 2.6kPa·㎡/g, cross-direction ring crush Index not smaller than 7.5N/ m·㎡/g cross 150<每平米重<225克未漂白、成卷或成张未涂布其他牛皮纸;紧度不小于0.68g/cm^3,耐破指数不小于2.6kpa·m^2/g,横向环压指数不小于7.5N/m·m^2/g,横向耐折度不小于60次,饱和牛皮纸除外。

    No.3419  2933599016 Fenarimol, ancymidol, flurprimidol etc.(including nuarimol) 氯苯嘧啶醇,环丙嘧啶醇,呋嘧醇等;包括氟苯嘧啶醇


    No.11755  8526109011 Airborne radars for missiles and rockets (for ballistic missiles, carrier rockets and sounding rockets, etc. to detect targets) 用于导弹、火箭等的机载雷达设备;用于弹道导弹、运载火箭、探空火箭、巡航导弹、无人驾驶航空飞行器的目标探测


    No.12858  9104000000 Instrument panel clocks and clocks of a similar type for vehicles, aircraft, spacecraft or vessels 仪表板钟及车辆船舶等用的类似钟;包括航空器和航天器用

    No.10410  8417909090 其他非电热工业用炉及烘箱的零件;包括实验室用炉及烘箱的零件和焚烧炉零件

    No.5082  4410190000 Other board of wood(whether or not agglomerated with resins or other organic binding substances) 其他木制板;不论是否用树脂或其他有机粘合剂粘合



    No.262  0302351000 Atlantic bluefin tunas(Thunnus thynnus, Thunnus orientalis), fresh or chilled,excluding livers and roes 鲜或冷大西洋蓝鳍金枪鱼;鱼肝及鱼卵除外



    No.4236  3801300000 Carbonaceous pastes for electrodes and similar pastes for furnace linings 电极用碳糊及炉衬用的类似糊;

    No.4237  3801901000 Spheroidized graphite by Surface treatment 表面处理的球化石墨;


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