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  • Import Commodity Customs Supervision and CIQ Inspection Requirements:
  • No. HS Code Commodity English Name Commodity Chinese Name Customs Supervision Code CIQ Inspection Code Application Guide
    No.9412  7217900000 Other wire of iron or non-alloy steel: 其他铁丝或非合金钢丝;

    No.245  0302141000 Atlantic salmon,fresh or chilled,excluding livers and roes 鲜或冷大西洋鲑鱼;鱼肝及鱼卵除外



    No.12402  8716200000 Self-loading or self-unloading trailers and semi-trailers for agricultural purposes 农用自装或自卸式挂车及半挂车;


    No.6590  5513131090 Other woven fabrics, of polyester staple fibres, mixed with cotton containing less than 85% by weight of polyester staple fibres, of a weight not exceeding 170g/㎡, unbleached 与棉混纺未漂聚酯短纤其他机织物;混纺为含聚酯短纤85%以下,轻质指每平米重≤170克

    No.9937  8108903100 Plates, sheets, strip and foil, made of titanium metal,-of a thickness not more than 0.8mm 厚度≤0.8毫米钛板、片、带、箔;

    No.1872  2524901090 Other asbestos of long staple 其他长纤维石棉;

    No.12771  9030100000 Instruments and apparatus for measuring or detecting ionizing radiations 离子射线的测量或检验仪器及装置;

    No.8635  6302219090 Other printed bed linen of cotton 其他棉制印花床上用织物制品;

    No.2622  2906131000 Sterol 固醇;

    No.2365  2844409040 Emit radionuclide with α granule whose half-life-period is 10 days or longer but less than 200 years 发射α粒子,其α半衰期为10天或更长但小于200年的放射性核素;1. 单质;2. 含有α总活度为37GBq/kg或更大的任何这类放射性核素的化合物;3. 含有α总活度为37GBq/kg或更大的任何这类放射性核素的混合物;4. 含有任何上述物质的产品,不包括所含α活度小于3.7GBq的产品


    No.3613  2937290028 17-dione, 3-hydroxy-, (3a, 5b) 胆烷醇酮;


    No.6579  5513111020 Plain fabrics, of poyester staple fibres, mixed with cotton, containing less than 85% by weight of polyester staple fibres, of a weight not exceeding 170g/㎡, unbleached 与棉混纺未漂白聚酯短纤机织平布;混纺为含聚酯短纤85%以下,轻质指每平米重≤170克

    No.1359  1505000000 Wool grease and fatty substances derived therefrom(including lanolin) 羊毛脂及羊毛脂肪物质;包括纯净的羊毛脂



    No.1660  2009110000 Orange juices, frozen, unfermented and not containing added spirit, whether or not containing added sugar or other sweetening matter 冷冻的橙汁;未发酵及未加酒精的,不论是否加糖或其他甜物质



    No.5621  5202990000 Other cotton waste 其他废棉;



    No.7529  6107191090 Other knitted or crocheted men’s or boys’ underpants and briefs, containing less than 70% by weight of silk or spun silk 其他丝及绢丝制男内裤及三角裤;含丝70%以下,针织或钩编



    No.7905  6201139010 Men’s or boys’ raincoats of man-made fibres 化纤制男式雨衣;

    No.2061  2804619012 Solar-Grade Polycrystalline silicon, containing by weight 99.9999999% of silicon or more 含硅量>99.9999999%的太阳能级多晶硅;

    No.12372  8711909002 Motorcycles and mopedes, of a cylinder capacity exceeding 250m 排气量>250毫升摩托车及脚踏两用车;



    No.233  0301991100 Fry Of perches 鲈鱼种苗;



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