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    • Necessary documentations required by China Customs and China Entry-exit Inspection Quarantine Bureau (CIQ)
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  • Import Commodity Customs Supervision and CIQ Inspection Requirements:
  • No. HS Code Commodity English Name Commodity Chinese Name Customs Supervision Code CIQ Inspection Code Application Guide
    No.7331  6103299031 Men’s or boys’ knitted or crocheted ensembles, of other textile materials,(the upper garment is a sweater, cotton limit in) 其他纺织料针织或钩编男便服套装;上装为毛衫,棉限内

    No.3429  2933610000 Melamine 三聚氰胺(蜜胺);



    No.720  0602909999 Other live plants(other than seedlings) 其他活植物;种用除外



    No.721  0603110000 Roses of a kind suitable for bouquets or for ornamental purposes, fresh 鲜的玫瑰;制花束或装饰用的



    No.10479  8420100001 Fabric calenders 织物轧光机;

    No.777  0709700000 Spinach, New Zealand Spinach and orache Spinach(garden Spinach), fresh or chilled 鲜或冷藏的菠菜;



    No.4595  4002191900 Other XSBR, in primary forms(other than latex) 其他初级形状羧基丁苯橡胶等;胶乳除外

    No.8739  6304199190 Embroidered bedspreads of other textile materials, not knitted or crocheted 其他纺织材料制非针织刺绣床罩;含非钩编的

    No.5442  4902100000 Newspapers, journals and periodicals appearing at least four times a week(whether or not illustrated or containing advertising material) 每周至少出版四次的报纸,杂志;包括期刊,不论有无插图或广告材料

    No.5440  4901910000 Dictionaries and encyclopaedias, and serial instalments thereof 字典,百科全书;包括连续出版的分册

    No.11284  8481100090 Other pressure reducing valves (used for pipes, boilers, tanks, barrels or similar goods) 其他减压阀;用于管道、锅炉、罐、桶或类似品的

    No.11160  8471703010 CD-ROM drives with writing function (CD-ROM drives for automatic data processing equipments) 具有刻录功能的光盘驱动器;自动数据处理设备的光盘驱动器

    No.4898  4403100090 Other wood in the rough, treated with paint, stains, creosote or other preservatives 其他油漆,着色剂等处理的原木;包括用杂酚油或其他防腐剂处理



    No.9698  7406201000 Flakes , of refined copper 精炼铜制片状粉末;

    No.11119  8468200090 Other gas welding or surface tempering machines and equipments 其他气体焊接或表面回火机器及装置;

    No.4939  4405000000 Wood wool; wood flour 木丝及木粉;



    No.11292  8481802990 Other selector valve for pipes, boiler, shells vats or the like 其他换向阀;用于管道、锅炉、罐、桶或类似品的

    No.9619  7318159001 Other screws and bolts, stem diameter more than 6mm( whether or not with their nuts or washers, not used for the maintenance and repair of Civil Aircraft) 杆径>6mm的其他螺钉及螺栓;不论是否带有螺母或垫圈,非用于民用航空器维护和修理的

    No.11293  8481803110 Electronic expansion flow valve under control of dual-use items 两用物项管制的电子膨胀流量阀;


    No.10488  8421199020 Centrifugal liquid-liquid contactors (specially designed or made for uranium enrichment in the chemical exchange process) 液-液离心接触器;为化学交换过程的铀浓缩而专门设计或制造的


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