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  • Import Commodity Customs Supervision and CIQ Inspection Requirements:
  • No. HS Code Commodity English Name Commodity Chinese Name Customs Supervision Code CIQ Inspection Code Application Guide
    No.5358  4806100000 vegetable parchment(in rolls or sheets) 植物羊皮纸;成卷或成张的

    No.5360  4806300000 Tracing papers(in rolls or Sheets) 描图纸;成卷或成张的

    No.12782  9030409000 Other instruments and apparatus, designed for telecommunications (other than digital frequency meters, of test frequency less than 12.4 GHz) 其他无线电通讯专用仪器及装置;12.4千兆赫兹以下数子式频率计除外

    No.5365  4808900000 Other paper and paperboard, creped or crinkled, embossed or perforated 其他皱纹纸及纸板,压纹纸及纸板;包括穿孔纸及纸板

    No.12772  9030201000 Oscilloscopes and oscillographs For general use, of test frequency less than 300 MHz 300兆赫以下的通用示波器;指测试频率小于300兆赫兹的示波器

    No.9357  7210490000 Other flat-rolled products of non-alloy steel, of a width of 600mm or more,other than those plated or coated with lead 镀锌的其他形铁或非合金钢宽板材;电镀锌的除外,宽≥600mm



    No.1825  2510109000 Other natural calcium phosphates, natural aluminium calcium phosphates and phosphatic chalk(other than apatite), unground 其他未碾磨天然磷酸钙;包括天然磷酸铝钙及磷酸盐白垩,磷灰石除外


    No.5390  4811599100 Other aluminized paper and paperboard coated, imregnated or covered with plastics(in rolls or sheets of any size, including floor coverings on a base of paper or paperboard) 镀铝的用塑料涂布,浸渍的其他纸及纸板;成卷或成张任何尺寸的,包括以纸或纸板为底制成的铺地制品

    No.4593  4002191500 SBR,Solution polymerized,not worked 初级形状未经任何加工的溶聚丁苯橡胶;胶乳除外

    No.5396  4813100000 Cigarette paper in the form of booklets or tubes 成小本或管状的卷烟纸;


    No.12711  9022909030 Special probes for X-ray tomography instruments X射线断层检查仪专用探测器;


    No.12702  9022199090 Other X-ray applications 其他X射线应用设备;



    No.12698  9022191001 x-ray security inspection equipments adopting the technology of x-ray apparatuses or x-ray accelerat- ors (with energy higher than 100 kilo electron volt, excluding the second generation security inspection equipments adopting the technology of alternatin 采用X光机技术或X射线加速器技术的X射线安全检查设备;能量大于100千电子伏,不包括采用X射线交替双能加速器技术的第二代X射线安全检查设备



    No.5410  4818300000 Tablecloths and serviettes(in rolls or sheets of a width not exceeding 36cm, or cut to special shape) 小卷(张)纸台布及纸餐巾;成卷或矩形成张的宽度≤36cm,或制成特殊形状的



    No.148  0206100000 Edible offal of Of bovine animals, fresh or chilled 鲜或冷藏的牛杂碎;



    No.9391  7216210000 L sections, of a height of less than 80mm(not further worked than hot-rolled ,hot-drawn or extruded) 截面高度<80mm角钢;除热加工外未经进一步加工



    No.1918  2608000090 Other zinc ores and concentrates 其他锌矿砂及其精矿;



    No.12344  8708995900 Other parts of the vehicles of subheadings No.8704.2240, 8704.2300, and 8704.3240 总重≥14吨柴油货车用其他零部件;指87042240,2300,3240所列车辆用,含总重>8吨汽油货车


    No.12755  9028201000 Water meters, including calibrating meters thereof 水表;包括它们的校准仪表

    No.9269  7201500090 Spiegeleisen 镜铁;

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