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  • Import Commodity Customs Supervision and CIQ Inspection Requirements:
  • No. HS Code Commodity English Name Commodity Chinese Name Customs Supervision Code CIQ Inspection Code Application Guide
    No.12808  9031803300 Apparatus for eddy examinations 涡流探伤检测仪;

    No.1204  1210200000 Hop cones, ground, powdered or in the form of pellets, fresh or dried; lupulin 已研磨或制成团粒的啤酒花;包括蛇麻腺,鲜或干的



    No.11065  8462999000 Other machines tools of heading No.84.62, not specified above 品目8462的其他机床;

    No.4169  3701302510 flexible printing plate(thickness<3mm)(any side of >255mm) 柔性印刷版(厚度小于3mm的);任何一边>255mm

    No.1930  2615909090 Vanadium ores and concentrates 钒矿砂;钒精矿;

    No.3970  3204160000 Reactive dyes and preparations based thereon 活性染料及以其为基本成分的制品;不论是否有化学定义

    No.2514  2903760030 Dibromotetrafluoroethane 二溴四氟乙烷;

    No.4823  4202310090 Wallets or purses(referring to articles of a kind normally carried in the pocket or in the handbag)with outer surface of leather or of composition leather 以皮革或再生皮革作面钱包等物品;指通常置于口袋或手提包内的物品

    No.9166  7101229001 Other cultured Tahitan pearls, worked (semi- manufactured) 其他已加工的养殖黑珍珠;未制成制品

    No.11453  8504409940 Frequency converters (power: ≥40W, frequency:600-2000HZ, harmonic distortion rate: <10%) 两用物项管制的频率变换器;功率≥40瓦特,频率600至2000赫兹,谐波畸变低于10%等


    No.7696  6110300052 Men’s or boys’ jerseys, pullovers, knitted, not piled, of man-made fibres, containing 23% or more by weight of wool or fine animal hair(thin and high-gauge,turn-down, open, high collar) 化纤针织非起绒男紧身及套头毛衫;含羊毛/动物细毛23%及以上,轻薄细针翻领、开领高领

    No.2967  2921430010 Trifluralin 氟乐灵;


    No.12879  9110190000 Rough movements of watches 未组装的不完整表机芯;

    No.9786  7601101000 Unwrought aluminum , not alloys , containing by weight 99.95% or more of aluminium 未锻轧非合金铝;按重量计含铝量在99.95%及以上

    No.9099  7013280000 Other goblet of other glasses(other than those made of glass-ceramics) 其他玻璃制高脚杯;玻璃陶瓷制的除外



    No.12640  9016009000 Balances of a sensitivity exceeding 0.1mg, but not exceeding 50mg 50毫克≥感量>0.1毫克的天平;

    No.12759  9028301300 watt-hour meter of Single-phase electronic types(Static), including calibrating meters thereof 单相电子式(静止式)电度表;包括它们的校准仪表

    No.9140  7019520001 Glass fiber filament plain weave for CCL(of a width exceeding 30cm, of filaments measuring per single yarn not exceeding 136 tex), the weight for each square meter≤180g 覆铜板用玻璃纤维长丝平纹布,开纤或每平方米重≤180g;宽度>30cm,单根纱线细度≤136特

    No.2491  2903191090 1, 1, 1-Trichloroethane(methylchloro form)(used in cleaner) 1,1,1-三氯乙烷(甲基氯仿);用于清洗剂的



    No.2970  2921430032 Benfluralin 乙丁氟灵;


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