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  • Import Commodity Customs Supervision and CIQ Inspection Requirements:
  • No. HS Code Commodity English Name Commodity Chinese Name Customs Supervision Code CIQ Inspection Code Application Guide
    No.10183  8408909210 Diesel engines, rotational speed<4650r/min,14kw 转速<4650r/min柴油发动机,14<功率<132.39kw;品目8426-8430所列工程机械用


    No.2294  2837199014 Cobaltous cyanide 氰化钴;氰化钴(II)\ 氰化钴(III)


    No.10179  8408909111 Single cyclinder diesel engines for agriculatural use with output power≤14kw [other than compression-ignition internal combustion piston engines for the vehicles listed in Chapter 87(14kw=19.05hp)] 功率≤14kw农业用单缸柴油机;非87章车辆用压燃式活塞内燃发动机(14kw=19.05马力)


    No.2306  2840190000 Other disodium tetraborate(refined borax) 其他四硼酸钠;

    No.2310  2841300000 Sodium dichromate 重铬酸钠;



    No.6012  5212130060 Cheese cloth, voiles and muslin, mixed with other fibres, other than man-made fibres, dyed, weighing not more than 200g/㎡ 染色其他混纺奶酪布,薄细布,巴里纱;每平米重≤200克,与化纤以外其他纤维混纺

    No.7494  6105100019 Other knitted or crocheted boys’ playsuit shirts, of cotton 棉制其他男童游戏套装衬衫;针织或钩编



    No.13081  9506701000 Ice skates 溜冰鞋;包括装有冰刀的溜冰靴

    No.2314  2841699000 Other manganites, manganates and perman ganates 亚锰酸盐,其他锰酸盐及其他高锰酸盐;

    No.5355  4805919000 Other uncoated paper and paperboard(in rolls or sheets, Weighing not more than 150g/㎡ ) 其他未经涂布薄纸及纸板;薄纸指每平方米重量≤150克,成卷或成张的

    No.4558  3922200000 塑料马桶座圈及盖;

    No.13075  9506510000 Lawn-tennis rackets, whether or not strung 草地网球拍;不论是否装弦

    No.780  0709930000 Pumpkins, squash and gourds(Cucurbita spp.), fresh or chilled 鲜或冷藏的南瓜、笋瓜及瓠瓜(南瓜属);



    No.10716  8435900000 Parts of presses, crushers machinery used in the manufacture of wine, cider, fruit juices or similar beverages 制酒、果汁等压榨、轧碎机零件;



    No.7501  6105200091 Other knitted or crocheted men’s shirts, of man- made fibres, without stitched collar, including boys’, size 8-18 其他化纤制针织或钩编男衬衫;不带缝制领,包括男童8-18号

    No.2269  2835291000 Trisodium phosphate 磷酸三钠;



    No.10194  8409919950 Valve rocker arms ,suitable for use solely or principally with spark-ignition internal combustion piston engines 气门摇臂;专用或主要用于内燃发动机

    No.12801  9031492000 grating measuring devices ( those unlisted under other items in chapter 90) 光栅测量装置;第90章其他品目未列名的

    No.3416  2933599013 Pyriminobac-methyl, bispyribac-sodium, bromacil, lenacil etc.(including isocil, flupropacil-pyrafluf-enethyl, pyrithiobac, terbacil) 嘧草醚,双草醚,除草啶,环草啶等;包括异草啶,异丙酯草醚,嘧草硫醚,特草啶


    No.2289  2837112000 Sodium cyanide oxide 氧氰化钠;

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