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Customs Supervision Documentations CIQ Supervision of Inspection Quarantine
• Necessary documentations required by China Customs and China Entry-exit Inspection Quarantine Bureau (CIQ)
• Documentation's Issuing authorities, legal basis, application dossiers, procedure, cost, time and guide etc.
• Detail information about the regulation and import requirements
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  • Import Commodity Customs Supervision and CIQ Inspection Requirements:
  • No. HS Code Commodity English Name Commodity Chinese Name Customs Supervision Code CIQ Inspection Code Application Guide
    No.4172  3701309000 Other photographic plates and film in the flat (with any side exceeding 255mm), sensitized, unexposed 未曝光其他用途的感光硬片及软片;平面软片,任何一边>255mm

    No.63  0106149090 Other rabbits and hares (including domesticated and artificially propagated) 其他家兔及野兔;



    No.12531  9005801000 Astronomical telescopes and other astronomical instruments 天文望远镜及其他天文仪器;

    No.8202  6204530090 Other women’s or girls’ skirts and divided skirts, of synthetic fibres 合成纤维制其他女式裙子及裙裤;

    No.4837  4203299090 Other gloves, mittens and mitts, of leather or of composition leather of other animals 皮革或再生皮革制的其他手套;包括连指或露指的

    No.12345  8708996000 Other parts and accessories Of the vehicles of heading No. 87.05 特种车用其他零附件;指品目8705所列车辆用


    No.7938  6201990031 Men’s or boys’ anoraks with thermal lining, of other textile materials, cotton limit in 其他材料制男式带风帽防寒短上衣;棉限内,带防寒衬里

    No.2343  2842909090 Other salts of inorganic acids or peroxoacids(other than azides) 其他无机酸盐及过氧酸盐;迭氮化物除外



    No.12875  9109100000 Clock movements, complete and assembled, electrically operated 已组装的完整电子钟芯;

    No.7842  6115950011 Knitted or crocheted orthopedic stockings, with surgical suppressed scale, of cotton 棉制针织或钩编矫正袜;外科用带压缩刻度

    No.12482  9001100009 Other optical fibers (excluding the items under Heading No.85.44) 其他光导纤维;但品目8544的货品除外

    No.5354  4805911000 Paper for electrolytic capacitor(weighing not more than 150g/㎡, in rolls or sheets) 电解电容器原纸;每平方米重量≤150克,成卷或成张的

    No.253  0302220000 Plaice(Pleuronectes platessa),fresh or chilled,excluding Livers and roes 鲜或冷鲽鱼;鱼肝及鱼卵除外



    No.7863  6116990011 Other knitted or crocheted gloves(sports gloves), of artificial fibres 人造纤维制其他针织或钩编手套;运动手套

    No.5609  5112200090 Other wool woven fabrics, mixed with man-made filaments (containing less than 85% by weight of combed wool or of fine animal hair) 与化纤长丝混纺其他毛制机织物;精梳羊毛或动物细毛含量<85%

    No.4496  3917230000 Tubes, pipes and hoses, rigid, of polymers of vinyl chloride 氯乙烯聚合物制的硬管;

    No.4759  4105101000 Tanned or crust skins of sheep or lambs, without wool on, in the Wet-blue state 蓝湿绵羊或羔羊皮;经鞣制不带毛



    No.7821  6114300011 Overall, of man-made fibres, knitted or crocheted, containing 23% or more by weight of wool or fine animal hair 化纤制针织或钩编连身衣;含羊/动物细毛23%及以上

    No.2577  2904909012 Tecnazene 四氯硝基苯;


    No.2098  2809100000 Diphosphorus pentaoxide 五氧化二磷;



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